No longer able to play videos or getting only audio with black screen

Beginning yesterday 4/24/2023 evening all of the videos I have either will not play or playback with no video just a black screen.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled.
I have restored purchases.
This problem is both on the iPhone 14 pro max and my 4K appletv and the 4K 2021 versions I have.
Apple TVs are on 16.5 iPhone is on 16.4.1
The files I am trying to play are on Dropbox.
I also tried downloading the files to the device and the problem persists.
It will play correctly videos that were taken using the iPhone camera.
The trouble happens on both mp4 videos and mkv.
I have also tried videos were working on Sunday and those are also not working any longer.
Anyone else having this issue ?

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