Hopefully someone can help with this problem as I suspect it is an easy fix (!)

I have just bought Infuse Pro 5 having had Plex for sometime. I am using them separately so that I can watch 4K content without transcoding problems.

Infuse appeared to be working well, however, it now shows all content on my NAS but when I press play on any media file the screen is black. When I return to detail screen all details and metadata remain - would appreciate some pointers to fix this issue.

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Can you try restarting your Apple TV to see if that helps?

We’ve identified an issue where a black screen may be shown when choosing to play a video, and have worked to resolve this for the upcoming 5.9 version which is due out very soon.

Thanks for reply James.

I marked as played some of the media files I was testing and it seemed to fix itself. Not sure if this was truly the root cause but might be worth testing to see if they are related. Additional info - I used SMB for sharing.

Great! :slight_smile:

Hopefully it doesn’t pop up again, and the changes coming in 5.9 should help too.

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