Netflix and Amazon won’t play video after using Infuse

Infuse has been working fine for a while, but in recent weeks after using it, video in Netflix and Amazon won’t play.

I can access both apps, and get as far as selecting the episode/movie to watch, but then I get a black screen.

I’ve been through the process several time in the last few weeks, and they only stop working after I’ve used Infuse. Quitting Infuse and a reboot usually sorts it out.

I stream my content from Dropbox.

That almost sounds like either your ATV or TV is not switching video. If you are getting back to the ATV home screen then Infuse has handed off everything as far as I know. Maybe try a different HDMI port? Just a shot in the dark.

I had a similar problem… mine wasn’t caused by infuse. I ended up doing a factory restore on my Apple TV and it seemed to fix the issue.

Aha, I see. I’ll give that a go then.