No library with Upnp? just with SMB?

i am accessing my videos with a Upnp share and i don’t have any movies in my library. (but i can play them without issues over the favorite folders) when i access the same folders via SMB the library is working. it seems that the library function is not working with Upnp shares - is that true? is the smb sharing option the preferred way over Upnp sharing? thx for the help!

Yes, unfortunately due to the nature of UPnP it isn’t compatible with Infuse’s Library. However, switching to SMB will allow you to use the Library as expected.

ok i understand. thx for the help!
btw. really great app you have here!

I installed Infuse for the first time yesterday and spotted the same issue - thanks for this post as it confirms I’m not being daft :slight_smile:
Question though - is the current advice to switch the connection from UPnP and leave as SMB ? Reason I ask is that when testing files last night, I was getting really bad pausing stuttering with 4k/TRUE-HD files, but they played fine if the share was switched to UPnP. I’m assuming this was down to using SMB rather than network/NAS issue. Any thoughts/ideas would be be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Actually just spotted this post is from a year ago - I am daft!! Assuming this is still a limitation of UPnP? Any helpful thoughts on my SMB 4k stuttering issues?

The new SMB implementation we have in progress should allow for improved speed and reliability, especially when playing 4K content.

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