Error when rewinding movies on FTP connection

I have strange problem. When im connected with SMB share everything works perfectly,but as soon i use FTP without TLS share im getting error loading content when scrolling movies. Infuse Pro 7.5.8 (7.5.4470). I tried streaming methods Automatic, memory only, legacy , no change.

Movie starts and play normal,but if i click on search bar to advance movie it crashes with that message. It doesn’t matter size of movie ,4K 1080, it happens on all.

Its not a big problem since i have around 150 MBps on SMB (Ver2),which is fine for all my high content 4K,HDR, Atmos, DTS, but on FTP I’m getting around 900 MBps, which is wasted opportunity not to use FTP connection.

Spec: Macbook Pro M1 Max and Apple TV 4K (2022) 128GB connected to Asus AXE 16000 with USB shares on SSD disks. WiFi is on smart connect for all bands,WPA2/3 and DFS channels disabled. All devices are around 10-15 ft no walls

I looked around for detailed users guides on that router and couldn’t find much detail. Does it by any chance have the ability to set priorities for specific devices for streaming?

Also, were you seeing any problems with SMB other than the speed test showing lower than FTP? If it was playing everything without problems it may be an option to use SMB instead of FTP. Many files will play flawlessly with the speeds you see with SMB.

It does have. Its called “Airtime fairness” but it is disabled for all bands. There is no problem with SMB other than difference in speed vs FTP.

Hey dude.

I use FTP so have a little idea how it works with Infuse, btw I am using the free Filezilla server.

So the way in which Infuse connects to FTP does have some quirks I guess and your problem might be down to it opening too many connections from the same IP. It can open up loads when you seek each time, see my screenshot as I seek once to a new location on this media…

So you can see the numbers, 001113 was just opening Infuse and the sync taking place, 000118 was opening the video and playing from the start but when I seeked to a new location look it opens 3 more.

I would guess maybe that in your server settings for your FTP you might need to open the taps by disabling any IP limit or timeouts or concurrent connections limit etc, just switch all that off.

Its my educated guess and yes I moved to FTP because of the speed too :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Nylor. That was the problem. Default concurrent connections on this router is 5 and i didn’t bother with that. Now i raised to 99 and everything works fine.


Super happy I could help, us FTP users are kinda a rare breed but I’m my opinion for a purely internal streaming setup it’s the best option, so fast!

I’ve done testing after testing with both ssh ftp and smb and I can tell you for sure that smb 2 is by far the fastest speed (NOT smb 3 because the extra security layer slows it) …. Configure up both and run the infuse test on a tv episode - you will see the average speed on smb is faster

Well yeah dude, SFTP will be slower than SMB2, but we are talking about basic FTP which has no overheads, when running on WIFI you can see significant improvements from using plain FTP, SFTP is super slow either way.

So youre right about what you say but isnt the use case in this thread.

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