When adding new file to HDD I have to delete library and reload it on infuse

Apple TV 5th
HDD is just out of the box NTFS format plugged into Netgear RAX30 router. Nothing fancy just using it as the media storage.

Each time I add a new folder/file to the HDD I infuse can’t read my library at all. So I’ve been working around it by deleting the the library and re adding it each time in Infuse.

If I access the HDD from any other device it loads up fine.

Anyone have any experience here?


Do you know the connection type you are using to stream (EG SMB, UPnP, etc…)?

If using UPnP or DLNA, there can be a delay before new files are available to apps like Infuse. The reason for this is Infuse does not have direct access to the files, but instead gets a list of files from the media server running on the source.

Hey James. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s UPnP. Once I drag a new new file onto the hard drive that’s plugged into the router I can’t actually read any of the files on the hdd with infuse.

I’ll try adding a new one and wait for a few hours before firing up infuse. Is there a better connection type to use? Either way it’s no biggy, I can just re add the hdd to infuse each time.

Cheers for the help.

SMB works well for most, also when you change from UPnP you’ll be able to get the full value to the Infuse library that isn’t available to UPnP/DLNA connections.

Many routers have the ability to share via an SMB connection so I’d suggest you try that first.

Ok mate, thank you. I’ll give it a crack.