Metadata disappearing - again

I’m using Infuse Pro 6.7, have been using Infuse for years. The two features I like on Infuse are that I can get TV episode summaries (although they leave the title out for some reason) and that it tracks what I have and haven’t watched.

But the watched/unwatched feature is useless. I have a 32GB AppleTV. The only programs (other than Settings) that I have used in several months are Infuse and Channels. I know, having said that, the next thing I’m going to hear is, “It’s all Channels’ fault, they eat up memory space like crazy.” Because of that, I went to Channels’ forum first and asked about it there and one of their people explained how they use data onboard the AppleTV - including that ALL of it is released whenever I exit the program.

So whatever else is piling up data in memory at this point has to be either my screensaver or Infuse - unless there’s something that works in the background. I was using Aerial as a screensaver, but changed to the Apple Music album covers, since that should take far less memory space. I’ve also offloaded a number of apps I haven’t used in months or years. (And, referring to Channels as being the culprit, on one AppleTV, I have Channels installed, but we never use it on that system - just Infuse and streaming, like AppleTV+, Paramount+, Peacock, BritBox, and Netflix - which are the frequently used streaming sources we have.)

I find my watched/unwatched settings are deleted on what is now about a weekly basis. (That wasn’t the case before.) I’m at the point where I feel I’d be better off ignoring this feature since counting on it, instead of trying to remember where I was with a show, always leaves me wasting time trying to figure out where I am when the metadata cache is cleared.

And I am NOT going to upgrade to a new version unless I know a solution to this issue has been found. (For instance, is it possible for Infuse to use my iCloud space to store simply the watched/unwatched data?) On that note, I see an option in Infuse to toggle downloading of metadata. Any way to NOT store metadata on my AppleTV and have it always downloaded as needed? (On the iCloud sync, I have that off on most of my AppleTVs, since I don’t want what’s watched on one AppleTV to sync with others.)

In the past I looked into Plex and other services and went with Infuse because I prefer simple solutions. I just use Samba on my file and media servers and Infuse can read them. (Although it takes FOREVER to load directories compared to other media players on tvOS and iOS - and frequently says it’s lost the connection to a server and can’t remember the folder it was in last time I was using Infuse.)

This issue - continually losing my watched/unwatched data - is extremely frustrating and I’m finding I just cannot count on it. If a new version has that issue fixed (by storing the data on the iCloud or elsewhere), I’m okay with upgrading. But at this point, that data is being reset so often, I’m better of not counting on it and going to another app. (I know - the “Fix this or leave” thing sounds like a tantrum or threat everyone uses, but this has been going on a long time. I’ve complained before, others have complained before, and it seems like it should no longer be an issue.)

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