Frequently getting Metadata cache cleared message


I’m using Infuse Pro 5.9.5 (2442) on an Apple TV 4k with 64GB storage space right now and almost every day I get the error message about the Metadata cache being cleared out. This then makes Infuse go through the whole metadata collection step again which takes a lot of time. I’m mostly using Infuse as a frontend for my Plex server.

I checked with TV Storage Info to see how much storage space is left on my Apple TV and it’s around 50GB, so it’s not running full.

What’s going on there and how can I debug this?


Unfortunately this is how the Apple TV works. When it detects disk space is low, it will wipe out data from Infuse and other apps.

The upcoming Infuse 6 release will include an all-new iCloud integration which will dramatically speed up how fast Infuse is able to recover from situations like this, so definitely keep an eye out for updates.

I’m a bit confused how it gets to that conclusion that storage space is low. I constantly keep an eye on it with an app called TV Storage Info and it’s showing between 45 and 50GB of free space at all times.

Just curious, after your ATV completes a complete rebuild of your metadata, can you go to setting and see how big your metadata file is for Infuse? It’s listed in red right after the words “Clear All Metadata”

Possibly the app you are using only reports the memory usage which is permanently allocated to applications (which includes the application itself plus a limited amount of space for storing parmanent data) but does not include the ‘temporary’ space used by applications to store files as it is available for use because tvOS will automatically clear it out if required by an application.

Do you frequently use other apps which stream data (such as media streaming apps like Netflix, etc) which will be filling up the temporary storage causing the Infuse files in it to be deleted?

It’s 402MB

I use Infuse and YouTube mostly, I don’t see how the few apps I use can fill up 50GB quickly. I’ll just have to monitor the situation.

I just streamed some stuff from my Plex server via Infuse for a few hours and afterwards checked the storage space with said app. It crept up to only 40GB free and then every few minutes less space was available. Is Infuse “buffering” or pre-downloading future episodes? Is there a way to see what is actually “downloading” something onto the Apple TV right now? I already disabled the auto-downloading of screensavers a while ago.

Hello there,
French guy, first message but purshased edition user.
Same problem on iPhone 64Gb (40Gb left) & recently bought aTV 4k 64Gb (40Gb left too). Kinda annoying, forced to refresh my entire library (1000+ movies 50+ tv show episodes). Not waf at all, any news about the new version & hopefully any fix for this ? I really like the app but you guys really need to fix this, 100% users with big library are affected that’s too sad because overwise it is the top apple tv app for lot of us.

Thanks for everything :slight_smile:

The upcoming Infuse 6 release will include an all-new iCloud integration which will greatly improve how quickly Infuse is able to reindex videos if/when tvOS starts cleaning up data.

Ultimately, everything will be able to be synced to iCloud, so Infuse will be able to repopulate a large library in a very short time.

Looking forward to Infuse 6! What is Infuse currently doing differently then Plex? I never get this message on Plex and I didn’t even know this cleanup is a thing before using Infuse.

Plex relies on having a separate server app running on a Mac, PC, or NAS. This server maintains all the metadata, artwork, and watched history for your videos.

For Infuse 6 we’re crafting something similar, but instead of having this run on your own hardware, it will run in iCloud. This means, on your first device Infuse would scan through all your files and save the info to iCloud. On the second device (or if you replace a device or Apple TV clears data) instead of having to scan through all your files one by one, Infuse would quickly pull down the saved info from iCloud.

This new iCloud integration will also allow for syncing watched history and progress (with instant update) between all your devices.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile: