Infuse removed metadata due to lack of space

So I got this message yesterday “even though I’m pretty sure my Apple TV isn’t even half full”. any way I deleted almost every single app on the device but it happened again today !!?
My library isn’t that big “4TB” and last time I checked before this bug started my metadata size was around 500mb or so.

Is this a bug in the new release ? Here’s my diagnostic code GH6JJ

thank you

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Do you by any chance have an app like channels or netflix that may maintain a program guide? Channels really eats up space fast and ATV just wipes out everything else when it eats too much.

Also, is yours a 32G or 64G atv?

When you say that metadata size was 500mb is that what it said in the settings in Infuse or on the ATV with a size check app?

Nope, no Netflix no channels, I do have an Iptv app with EPG if that’s what you mean. But I just checked “manage storage” section and that app is only taking 230mb.

32gb no app is taking crazy chunk of the storage

Infuse settings

Do you have screensavers downloading? They eat up a lot of space


Have you checked to see how much free space you have? There is an app called tv storage info or something that can show you.

You have just experienced one of the shortcomings of relying on ATV storage. Expect that every once in a couple of months lol. I also have only 5 apps on my ATV.

When I upgraded to 4K I got the 64GB instead of 32. Not a single clearing since. Even with daily screensavers downloading. Now of course that isn’t a solution for everyone but it did solve the problem. Maybe TvOS 16 will have some improvements…

12gb free

Exactly what I am monitoring. There isn’t anything that can be done. Metadata will get deleted every couple of weeks.

Well there is a workaround: Disable Pre-Caching in the settings of the PLEX share (if you use PLEX, that is).

It works for me at least but comes with the price that Infuse fetches a lot of metadata on-the-fly, meaning it takes a split second before posters show up. It annoys me, but what you gonna do? :roll_eyes:

Btw: My AppleTV has 32GB and is far away from
running out of space.

The weird thing is I’ve been using infuse for a really long time, I never ran into this issue until now !!

I’m not using Plex

That should be fine. I only had issues when under 5-7, but still it makes you wonder what is on there if you don’t have any other apps. And the sad part is that for a majority of users infuse is using hardly any space but this still happens.

That’s why I’m guessing maybe it’s some sort of a bug with the new release. As I said I’ve been using infuse for a really long time and this issue has never happened.

I’m guessing it’s being caused by the IPTV app.

Many of these will simply cache and infinite amount of data, which will cause the Apple TV to clear saved data from other apps (including Infuse).

Tracking disk storage is usually a little tricky, as by the time you get the message in Infuse the storage has already been wiped (this is done by tvOS, not Infuse) so if you go and check the available space everything may look just fine.

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This happened to me quite some time ago, in the end I found it was caused by ATV Aerial screensaver, I had turned on Aerial screensaver and enabled auto-download, there were about 90 Aerial videos downloaded and each video could be up to 950MB. I didn’t find a way to delete those videos so I simply did a factory reset, and turned off screensaver auto-download, that saved nearly 20GB space.

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I had the same thing happen a couple of times on my 32gb AppleTV 4K. It was the Apple screensavers. It was actually downloading new ones quite frequently. I changed the setting to monthly and it stopped messing with Infuse data. I don’t have any IPTV on mine. I also bought a small app which shows what’s using my storage. I’ve not had it happen in the last year since I bought my 64gb 2021 AppleTV 4K

Are you syncing your Infuse metadata (check the Infuse settings)? If so, this uses your iCloud account to sync the Infuse Metadata so that your settings and metadata are synced between devices if you have more than one Infuse app (Apple TV, iPhone iPad or Mac). If your library contains 4TB of data, and your iCloud account is the basic free 5GB one, then this could be your problem, rather than lack of space on your Apple TV.

Well, I am having a 200gb iCloud, and my metadata is around 1.5 gb. The iCloud has more than 100gb free. I’m running two ATVs 4K 1st Generation with 32gb.
Nevertheless I experienced the erase of the Metadata ,at least since a few months ago. It did not happen during the last one or two months.
Stopping the screensavers from downloading in the background seems to help.
But as long as atv will not support true atmos hd, 3d picture and picture parameter settings, I will not buy a newer one.

Then you’ll be stuck with your current Apple TV. In the foreseeable future it does not make any sense to use Dolby TrueHD for streaming. Until then, why would Apple (who is also selling content) want to support something where the only available source is a ripped Blu-ray disc?

When everybody has their fiber to the home, then this might change.

Ah, and by that time you’ve probably replaced your TV which means it won’t support 3D anymore, as everybody stopped making those a couple of years back.

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There are many 3d movies that you can watch an 3d capable beamers. Most beamers can do 3d. And it is still a great thing, to watch 3d on a big screen.
And btw. Please leave it to those, who want to have full true Dolby hd with Atmos.
I am a producer of Atmos music, and I need to be able to check the results in full quality at home.
That’s why I changed to a different system. I still have the ATVs. Just for fun.