Updated to 5.8 - Metadata dumped

Hi - I love Infuse, but on updating to 5.8, all my metadata was dumped.
Haven’t had this happen since I switched off iCloud Sync a month or so ago.
Media is stored on a Synology NAS via NFS.
It’s a bit of a pain, as it takes a long time to rebuild and in some cases manually fix incorrect metadata.

Unfortunately this is probably due to tvOS’ automatic storage management.

In a nutshell, when the Apple TV thinks it’s getting low on storage space it will start clearing app data to make room. Unfortunately, when this happens to Infuse the cached artwork and metadata will be lost.

However, if you have iCloud Sync enabled, your data will be restored automatically and Infuse will start gathering all the missing pieces for your automatically.

You may also consider removing apps your don’t find yourself using. Some apps can be a little bit sneaky with how much space they actually use (for example, a certain fire place app takes up well over 1GB).

Is there anyway to backup this Metadata manually?

Hi James, thanks for your quick response.
I don’t think this is the issue - I have a 64GB ATV4K and the ONLY apps I have installed are Infuse and Channels - I don’t utilise any of the built-in apps. I will try iCloud Sync, but that appeared to me to be the previous cause of metadata loss issues - has this been fixed?

Yes, we did in fact add safeguards for iCloud sync back in June as part of the 5.7.3 update. These changes ensure the local data on your device is kept, even in the unlikely event of an iCloud issue like we saw back in May.