Metadata cache keeps clearing!

OK, we really need to do something about Metadata clearing every few days. I only have a 32 gig ATV with about 3500 movies in Infuse. Every few days I’m getting a message saying the metadata was cleared to make space on the ATV (or something along those lines). This results in having to wait 10-15 minutes for the metadata to repopulate, really killing to movie-watching mood. Can we not do something with iCloud or some more efficient way to handle metadata? I’m debating whether to renew my pro account for a fifth year or just try Plex.

When it finishes rebuilding your metadata what does it say your metadata is under Settings in the red block labeled Clear All Metadata?

How many other apps do you have on your ATV?

What version number of tvOS and Infuse?

3200 movies probably only takes up 1GB or so. So there must be a lot of other things on your Apple TV. Screen savers definitely will take some. There isn’t an exact formula but probably try to keep 5-10GB free if you can.

Okay, so after having to download a third party app just to see my disk space (thanks Apple) I cleared a few apps and am now sitting at 11 gigs free space. I was probably around 7-8 gigs before which I assumed would have been fine considering the cache was only 2.8 gigs. Still wish there was a better way.

The kicker to the storage deal is that it doesn’t have to be Infuse that clears the metadata. If another app takes in a huge download for say an update, ATV will clear the memory from other apps like Infuse that have space that can be purged to let that hog app have the space.

Be thankful you only have to wait 10 to 15 minutes. When mine gets wiped it’s a hour or two.

I have the same issue and it is caused by pausing the app (Channels) I use to view live TV. The buffer will build up and it seems to default to deleting the infuse metadata. I’ve tested this with only infuse and a few other apps, basically leaving 70% of the storage open. Once my live tv app uses the full amount of storage on the Apple TV, it starts clearing data to make more room.

I wish there was a way to keep this from happening, it is kind of a deal breaker for this app. Playback is flawless, but it is negated by having to wait 10 minutes just to see your movies.

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Mine gets wiped out on an Apple update.

Just asking…is it possible to keep the metadata with the movie files? Isn’t that the way emby does it?