Metadata cache keeps clearing!

OK, we really need to do something about Metadata clearing every few days. I only have a 32 gig ATV with about 3500 movies in Infuse. Every few days I’m getting a message saying the metadata was cleared to make space on the ATV (or something along those lines). This results in having to wait 10-15 minutes for the metadata to repopulate, really killing to movie-watching mood. Can we not do something with iCloud or some more efficient way to handle metadata? I’m debating whether to renew my pro account for a fifth year or just try Plex.


When it finishes rebuilding your metadata what does it say your metadata is under Settings in the red block labeled Clear All Metadata?

How many other apps do you have on your ATV?

What version number of tvOS and Infuse?

3200 movies probably only takes up 1GB or so. So there must be a lot of other things on your Apple TV. Screen savers definitely will take some. There isn’t an exact formula but probably try to keep 5-10GB free if you can.

Okay, so after having to download a third party app just to see my disk space (thanks Apple) I cleared a few apps and am now sitting at 11 gigs free space. I was probably around 7-8 gigs before which I assumed would have been fine considering the cache was only 2.8 gigs. Still wish there was a better way.

The kicker to the storage deal is that it doesn’t have to be Infuse that clears the metadata. If another app takes in a huge download for say an update, ATV will clear the memory from other apps like Infuse that have space that can be purged to let that hog app have the space.

Be thankful you only have to wait 10 to 15 minutes. When mine gets wiped it’s a hour or two.

I have the same issue and it is caused by pausing the app (Channels) I use to view live TV. The buffer will build up and it seems to default to deleting the infuse metadata. I’ve tested this with only infuse and a few other apps, basically leaving 70% of the storage open. Once my live tv app uses the full amount of storage on the Apple TV, it starts clearing data to make more room.

I wish there was a way to keep this from happening, it is kind of a deal breaker for this app. Playback is flawless, but it is negated by having to wait 10 minutes just to see your movies.

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Mine gets wiped out on an Apple update.

Just asking…is it possible to keep the metadata with the movie files? Isn’t that the way emby does it?

I’m facing this quite often with a 32GB Apple TV. Anyone face this issue with a 64GB one?

This is very, very frustrating.

AppleTV has now, multiple times, deleted my Infuse data. It claims that “space is low”, which is complete rubbish. There is tons of space on the device.

What is going on? Why is it getting deleted? I’m getting really tired of fixing all the title metadata and losing the subtitles I downloaded.

You must have something else on there that is filling it up. What other apps do you have and have you disabled Apple screensavers?

Tracking disk usage on the Apple TV can get a little bit tricky.

Most people aren’t checking disk space usage on a regular basis. What usually happens is this message would appear in Infuse, and then someone would use an app to check the free disk space. The problem here is the disk space is being checked after the Apple TV has already cleared app data…so having lots of free space is expected at this point.

Apps like Infuse get a very small amount of space (~500kb) which will never get purged, and everything else is at risk if the system decides it’s running low on space.

The apps we’ve seen which tend to be the biggest offenders are IPTV (or similar) apps which seem to cache an unlimited amount of data to store on disk. Using these for an extended period of time can fill up the entire disk, and cause the ATV to wipe out other data.

Some people have also reported disabling automatic screensaver downloads can help reduce the frequency of this happening, but I have always kept these enabled on multiple Apple TVs without having any issues, so your YMMV.

Lastly, recent versions of Infuse make use of iCloud to cache many details about your library, so even if this does occur the recovery time is much quicker compared to scanning a full library for the first time. More info on what is synced to iCloud can be found here.

I have about 20 apps. According to “Storage Management”, the largest app takes 100MB. I don’t see how that can be trusted. The most space I could be using then is about 2GB!

I have not disabled screensavers.

Most likely it is only showing the app size but not the data that each app is consuming. Can you list the 3rd party apps you have?

Thanks for the explanation.

I don’t know what “lots of free space” would be because AppleTV doesn’t even tell us how much space is available. Their “Storage Management” is useless. It reports app sizes but obviously not what app data is using.

However, I certainly wonder why only Infuse is having its data purged.

I think you seriously need to consider using external storage (like SMB) for this kind of stuff. I don’t use iCloud and I’m not interested in using it. All my data is on a local network server, as I suspect is the case with most Infuse users. It makes sense to use that space, if the AppleTV storage is limited and volatile.

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I don’t have this issue with Plex or Channels. I’ve used both to manage my media and the artwork is always present. It’s pretty much a guarantee that every time I use Infuse, it has to rebuild my metadata. Even with iCloud enabled, it still takes almost 5 minutes before I have everything back.

I’ll exclusively use Channels until this gets resolved. Channels allows me to pull in my live tv with a full guide, my movie and tv libraries, and personal video library.

I hope Infuse can figure this out but I’m not confident it will. This post is old and there hasn’t been any movement on it in quite some time.

This app has been mentioned several times on the forum and most likely the reason why infuse cache keeps getting reset. Might not be able to easily run all three. Is this on 32 or 64GB?

It’s occurred on all 5 of my Apple TV’s, including the 64GB.

I don’t disagree that other apps, specifically Channels, could eat up the storage, but I don’t have this issue with any other apps having metadata reset - it’s only Infuse.

Would you say infuse is used more or less than the other apps? I don’t think Apple TV wipes out every offender. Just enough to get to its magic unknown amount.

What other apps do you have that store metadata on the ATV?