Low quality stream on Apple TV


I recently started using Infuse as an alternative to Plex as I am also making the switch to more Apple devices, including Apple TV.

However, when I first started up a movie on Infuse the first thing I noticed is the considerably lower quality stream. It’s not necessarily blurry or a lower resolution or whatever. But in busy or darker scenes the screen will appear blocky/smudgy (if those are the correct terms haha)

From what I can tell with my limited knowledge this seems to be a bitrate issue. I’ve tried that same movie on my MacBook and iPhone and the problem isn’t present. I’ve also tried that same movie on my Apple TV but via Plex, and the issue also isn’t present.

Am I missing some setting of the Apple TV app? Or is there something else going on?

One thing I would check is to ensure both of the Match Content options are enabled on the Apple TV.

With these on, Infuse will be able to adjust the video output mode to match the actual video being played which will allow for the best possible picture.

Hi James, thanks for your reply.

I normally do have that option turned on, and don’t remember turning it off, but it was in fact turned off.

Turning it back on fixed the issue, thanks!


Question: is match content dynamic range output on also recommended for projectors without HDR?

No, dynamic range switching won’t be needed in that case. However, if your projector does not support HDR, then the Apple TV shouldn’t actually ever try to switch to HDR mode.

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