Video settings


First of all i have to say that i love everything about the infuse app (i am also a pro subscriber).

Secondly i would like to ask to general settings for the Tv (i have a Samsung Q9FN) and the apple tv.

I generally play large blu-ray videos that are hdr so what settings i should have on my tv and apple tv (hdr mode enabled on tv or on apple tv, on both or on none)?

Also a couple of days ago i tried to watch a 70gb and a 50gb movie but i couldn’t since the spinning wheel kept appearing (all my devices are connected through ethernet and infuse is set up with SMB), do you know why this happened?

Thank you very much!

Welcome to the forum!

We recommend enabling the Apple TV’s Match Content options, as described here.

With these enabled, Infuse will be able to automatically adjust the Apple TV’s video settings to match the type of video being played. This will provide the best possible experience.

Thank you James!

So i have to take off the hdr on the TV and on the apple tv and leave the match content on, if i understand it right?

It will actually work ether way.

Some people prefer to have the Apple TV menus in SDR, while others prefer HDR.

No matter which you choose, with the Match Content options enabled Infuse will switch from whatever your default setting is to the output mode which matches the video being played.

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