Infuse picture was terrible

Why was Plex’s picture soooooo much better than Infuse’s when it comes to dark, blacks or greys.

For example. I played the Life last night, 1080p. On Infuse it looked like ****. Almost unbearable to watch. I immediately stopped played it on Plex, and it was perfect, crisp, clean and pleasing to the eye.

What if anything am I doing wrong?

Were you playing this on the Apple TV?

If so, can you check to ensure both Match Content options are enabled?

Thanks James, yes it’s on ATV4K and that has done the trick. Although when I have had those particular settings turned on before. It has impacted audio and desync’d audio. Mostly in Plex itself once or twice in Infuse. Is there a work around or a setting for this that I should be aware about?

Ok great!

It’s generally best to keep them both on, but if you’re seeing any issues in Infuse with these on please let us know.

However, in this case, the one that will affect your picture quality is Match Dynamic Range so if you are seeing sync issues in other apps you can enable only this one.

Nice one mate I really appreciate your efforts and guidance. I’ll close my support ticket for now. No longer needed, this thread has solved it.

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