launch a shell script automatically

Hi all!

My first post… :slight_smile:

I am running ATV with OS 3.0.2.

ATV Flash 4.1.1 is installed.

There is a Time Capsule configured as a router. An USB hard disk is connected with the TC.

To make sure I can access the USB hard disk I installed AFP support on ATV. It basically works.

But creating a manual sharepoint within the user interface doesn´t work. Nor does the automatic startup. :frowning:

Therefore I have written a very simple shell script:

mkdir /Volumes/TC_USB mount_afp -o automount afp://Kernel-TC.local:548/RC3 /Volumes/TC_USB
It mounts one of the USB disks connected with the TC. Startet manually via ssh it works.

Now I would like to see this script launched automatically.

Does anyone know how to do this? Where do I have to anchor it to get it startet after a reboot?

Thanks your your help…