Adding shell scripts

Hello all,

I hope this is the correct section to post in.

I just installed aTV Flash silver and am fairly happy with it. I was hoping for AFP support on Lion, but seems I’ll have to use NFS. Anyway, prior to aTV flash I had patchstick’d my aTV and had a “Software” menu, under which was a scripts section, and I had a couple of scripts there that would connect to my iMac and mount a couple of volumes. Why? well, my media is currently on a USB drive attached to my iMac and I tend not to keep it mounted all the time, thus any remote mount capabilities from aTV would fail as the drive isn’t there to be mapped by nitoTV, so I’d run these scripts to mount the drive, then XBMC, which already had source folders for the mount (pointed via SMB) would be able to access the drive.

Long story short, is there any way to get these scripts working again with aTV flash? can I add a new menu (frappliance I think is the correct term) for scripts, or somehow get these scripts installed elsewhere? I do have python versions of the scripts, so I’m guessing I could somehow get them into XBMC (I don’t see the scripts folder, which I do on my xbox version of XBMC)

Any suggestions or comments welcomed :slight_smile:

After a bit of research and common sense, it seems I can simply add the SoftwareMenu.frapplicance to an ATV1 modified by aTV Flash Silver. I performed this last night and my beloved scripts are back in place and working.