NitoTV and Network Drive

I have a Time Capsule called Smithson TC
and a USB drive plugged into it called Drive
I can not for the life of me get it connect to either the TC or Drive.

I am running AppleTV 3.0.1
and latest ATV flash

I see my TC in the Menu (Smithson TC afpovertcp)
When I go in I see connect via AFP I get AFP is not enabled properly or is missing…
I have run the smart installer
When I go Create Share point as this is what I want to do so I can see my Drive
I get Mount Name: Smithson-TC
Mount type: afp
Mount Address: Smithson-TC.local (now I have been told I can get to my drive by changing this to Smithson-TC.local/Drive)
Requires Authenticaion: Yes
User name: I have blank as you dont need a user name to connect via my macs
Password I have my password in there.
Automount is off
Use customer Path is off
and yet it doesnt connect any ideas?


Did your AppleTV come with version 1 of the OS?

If not, you will have to restore it and reinstall with an image of the 1.0 OS available to get AFP working.

See guide here:
and here:

you mean the original os of the Apple TV? it came with 2.0 I think.
I just downloaded the latest aTV Flash today.
Do I have to restore the Apple TV?
or is it a simple file to download and place on the Apple TV to run smart install?

You can try and put it in the Documents folder on the AppleTV after you download it, and then rerun the smart installer. Make sure you rename it to recovery.dmg. It should work after that.

I followed those instructions to the letter.
and still no joy
my mouse doesnt move with the remote when I am in browser if I press the + and - buttons the page scrolls up and down

Apple just releaed 3.0.2, so maybe it is time for a full restore anyways…

Just wait untill aTV is updated to cope with the 3.0.2 update from Apple.

there is a separate partition for the recovery isnt there?
so since I was playing around with the recovery image in the documents folder
that wont do anything will it?

Putting the old 1.0 image in the documents folder will not change a thing in terms of the recovery partition, so as long as you have not touched the original recovery image/partition, there should be no issues doing a factory restore.

just done that now
I have 2.3 as the software.
I really need AFP access thats the only reason why I brought this software

yes got it to work.
went via SMB and now its all fine.
and yes I am running it smoothly under AppleTV 3.0.2

Good deal! Happy to hear!