Jellyfin Only Works for Admin

There is a recent issue on Jellyfin - if you try to add a Jellyfin server to Infuse, it’ll only work if you’re an admin at the Jellyfin server.

If you’re not, you’ll either get “an error occurred” or “unable to connect to server” depending on what port is used. Does not matter if you use correct ports, change them around, etc. If you’re admin, you don’t need to fill anything out. Just leaving port blank works perfectly.

This makes the app completely unusable to me. I would appreciate a fix to this.

Thank you

I don’t have the same issue, have been using Jellyfin + Infuse with 4 people, all without admin rights.

Are you using the latest versions of Jellyfin (10.8.13) and Infuse (7.6.4) or earlier versions?

Latest version on all. It’s an issue that a friend first noticed in October, so it probably has been grandfathered in.

Is there an update in the works for it?

With so many releases lately it often helps to give the version number. It also may help others who may not have recently updated.

Sorry - Infuse is on Version 7.6.4 (7.6.4633), Jellyfin is on version 10.8.13.

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Also, in case this helps - I can access the server through the jellyfin app on apple tv (I think it’s called SwiftFin), on apps on iOS and through the browser. I just can’t through Infuse.

The errors change based on the ports I use, but I noted that in the original post already. Not sure what more information I can give.

@minoskt are you on the Beta in Infuse or Jellyfin? And you’re positive they are still accessing it correctly?

Because I mostly used Jellyfin as a backup, so it was added to infuse a few months ago but I never played anything on it. This is a recent issue. I tried to access it through Infuse this week and couldn’t, and that’s when I found out a friend trying to access the server also couldn’t through infuse and was using Jellyfin’s app.

Could not find a solution, but another colleague shared his Jellyfin server for me to test and that one worked - so maybe not an Infuse issue. Closing the topic

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