Cannot connect to Jellyfin server on AppleTV

My AppleTV‘s Infuse Pro cannot connect to the Jellyfin,It says it has some error when try to connet.
But in the same network enviorment, My iPhone and Mac can successfully connented to the same Jellyfin Server. I have made the iCloud sync open, so the config are the same too. I also have tried reinstall the infuse in AppleTV, but it doesn’t work. So What’s wrong with the AppleTV?

Here is some info:

Jellyfin Server
Version: 10.8.8
InfuseSync plugin:

Apple TV (A2843)
TVOS 16.2
Infuse 7.4.9(4321)

Diagnostics code: WNMPC

It looks like you may be entering the full https link with appended port number.

EG https://server.address:8096

The default port used by Jellyfin for secure connections is 8920, so likely trying to connect securely over 8096 will not work.

I would recommend only entering the server address into the Address field in Infuse (EG server.address only, no https or port number) and then using the HTTPS and Port options found under the Advanced section to configure these if you want to use something other than the defaults.

I am pretty sure that I didn’t fill the https and ports in the server address field. I set them in the Advanced Section. But yes I use the 8096 port and https protocol. And I use my own server domain instead of the IP address. I also deploy a reverse proxy to make the 8096 port can be used with HTTPS.

I have used this config for several days, and everything is fine. Even yesterday is fine. But today when I openen the Apple TV, it is broken. But my iPhone and Mac is still ok.

Can you send in a report and post the code from a working device?


This is my iPhone NW3X1
This is my Mac C29GE