Jellyfin Issue

just wonder if anyone has had an issue connecting infuse to Jellyfin?

I get a mixture of “unable to connect to server” and “username and password combination is incorrect”

I can access the server via safari without issues. Have cleared cache, reset jellyfin password and even reinstalled infuse and same issue across all devices (Iphone Ipad ATV) using both app store version of infuse and the beta


Do you have the current jellyfin Infusesync plugin installed?

Also, can you confirm what version of Jellyfin you were using. There’s a new beta version that has issues.

Jellyfin version: 10.8.12

Having the same issue, after a day of use I get the “username and password combination is incorrect” error. I then have to remove the share and readd it struggling with failed indexing for an hour then finally get it add and it works for another day or 2… then the same issue.