Jellyfin sync problem?

I am checking out Jellyfin to use in my network and across my devices.

Now I noticed that when I set something marked as read in my Infuse or in Jellyfin it does not sync to each other. So, when I mark something as read in Infuse, Jellyfin says I have not seen it and vice versa.

Is this normal behavior or not? I have the Infuse plugin installed in Jellyfin.

I tested this briefly here, and it appears to be working as expected.

Can you check the version of Jellyfin, InfuseSync, iOS/tvOS, and Infuse you are currently using?

Hmm, strange.

Tested it again. Set an episode manually as read in Infuse. In Jellyfin it still says it’s unwatched. Even after pushing the sync/reload button manually in Infuse

I run the following:
Infuse 7.4.7 (4279)
Jellyfin server 10.8.5

Edit: tested it with infuse on my iPhone. Same issue. Marked as read and unread doesn’t sync to Jellyfin and vice versa.

Don’t forget to post the iOS/tvOS version :wink:

Oops. Here is the info on TVOS and iOS:

TVOS version 16.1 (20K71)
iOS 16.2 (20C5032e)

Are you using multiple users on this Jellyfin server? Can you check to ensure you are logged in with the same user everywhere?

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Damn. I had a different user indeed for the mediaplayers. Did not want them to have full access to the server.

Completely missed the fact it also keeps track of the data by user account. Not used to that. :smile:


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