Jailbreak help! 5.0.1 to 5.2

Hello!, i have my atv jailbroken with the version 5.0.1, i was just wondering how to jailbreak to 5.2 its posible? or now that the 5.2.1 release I can´t? and if I can how to do it!! 


thank you all!!!




I have basically the same situation, only running 5.0.2   …  obviously I don’t have SHSH blobs for 5.2.

Hope someone help us!!!

You can’t change to another release version without the target version’s SHSH blobs.  So basically you will have to stay at your current for now.


Bummer.  I was really hoping to get aTV’s proxy feature in place before baseball season started.   Now I have to decide if I’m willing to give up xbmc for that (until 5.2.1+ is jb’d).