Seas0npass updated 5.1 ios to 5.3 jailbreak - Help!!

I bought ATV2 which had 5.1 ios (non jailbreak).
I used latest seas0npass to jailbreak and it updated the apple tv to 5.3 ios. I was expecting it will jailbreak to 5.1 ios
Is there a way to get it back on ios 5.1? Because 5.3 is tethered version hence i want this one to goto 5.1 version.
I have another ATV with 5.1 i dont want the same to be repeated.

Please Help!!



I doubt if you have a saved shsh blob. Nonetheless, lets hope for the best. You can check using ifaith. Or thru seas0npass, right click and choose 5.1 if it downloads thats good news. If you get a “not eligible” message. Thus, ypu dont have saved shsh blob


Worked like a charm… now my jb is at 5.1 version