Apple TV 5.0.2 To 5.2 Is it Possible

Hi, i have just got a ATV2 running on 5.0.2, I Would like it to be running on 5.2 i have save my shsh blogs (5.0.2) is there anyway for doing this



No.  You can only install 5.2 if you have saved blobs for 5.2

thanks for that, is 5.0.2 any good with XBMC?

No idea as I do not use XBMC.

Thanks m8, one more question, Can i still Jailbreak 5.0.2 even its 5.3.1 is out, i have saved my shsh, but i dont want 5.3.1

thanks for your time


Yes you can.

Thank you, but what do I need, I faith and what other parts

Once the blobs are saved through seasonpass or ifaith, you should only need seasonpass.

Start seasonpass

right click create ipsw

choose the version you have saved blobs for. (in your case it’s 5.0.2)

Let seasonpass do it’s job. (which includes downloading the 5.0.2 firmware, combining your blobs with that firmware, then opening itunes in order to intall your firmware)

Thanks so seaonpass will take my saved shah blogs from the ifaith server and patch it within seaonpass

yes ! I did it last nite and it worked.

hi i have an ATV 2 and still running the old version im afraid to updated my ATV to the newest version since is not jailbreak out yet. I try to jailbreak my sister ATV 2 running the old version and when i updated i try to updated the newest version which is untethered but itune wont let me do it., they want me to updated the newest version which is 6.0 right and i dont want that. Is all using my seasonpass. please help. thanks


I think you’re asking how to jailbreak but I’m not sure. You cant jailbreak with just iTunes. What version do you have on your ATV?

Follow this guide

You don’t have to go all th way to installing XBMC but it sure make your ATV much better.

I have a 4.4.3 version which is already untethered.  I want to updated into the newest version not the 6.0 one.  I try to jailbreak through seas0npass and they download the newest firmware from Itune.  I have the version 5.3.1 on my computer and they detect on Itunes, but when i choose the file Itunes kick me out because they want me to install in a newest version which is 6.0. I hope this explain giving you guy an idea. 

Just use Seasonpass and jailbreak with version 5.3 which Apple is still signing.


itunes won’t let me it kick me out.

Why would he want to do this and end up with a tethered version when he could have an untethered version?

That’s a question for qhphan… I’m just trying to help him accomplish his stated goal.