help to jailbreak an apple tv, ive tried everything!

Could someone on her help me? i have 2 apple tv 2’s here. One mine the other my brothers and we have tried everything to get them jailbroke.  One is running 5.1.1 and the other 5.2.  Could someone please point us in the right direction to do this?? Im aware if we update to 5.2.1 its a teather jailbreak so dont want to do that.


Can someone please help explain how we do this? any help appreciated



Just follow the instruction.


Firstly before you do anything 

i would strongly advice save the Atv2 5.2 blobs using i faith to a folder on your desktop called" My ATV2 saved blobs" also save the Atv2 5.1.1 blobs using i faith as well before you regret. Unless you have atv flash installed. Be sure the stock apple firmware of 5.2 is also ready.

Then this is the step :  just go directly to step number ( 7 ) below  BUT using the saved blobs of 5.2 from the folder you create called " My ATV2 saved blobs"

1. Finally jaibreaked ATV2 UNTHETEHRED to Ios 6.1 (5.2) 10b144B, Installed Nito TV, & XBMC frodo 12.1 . As using Seasons pass never worked.

Like All of you i restored the stock apple firmware 6.1. 3 (5.2.1) last 23rd March . Stumbled upon this thread and dwongraded to 4.4.2 using Ped’s Method Thethered. It works well but doing a thethered boot was tedious trying for the led to get stabilize isnt easy for me. So I waited til last Night.Here’s what i did

Restored Back to the Stock Apple firmware 6.1. 3 (5.2.1) afterthat,

1.Save the blobs 6.1. 3 (5.2.1) Using Ifaith 1.5.6 & ising Tiny umbrella 6.2.2

  1. Use ifaith to download Ios 6.1 (5.2 ) Cydia blobs

  2. Create IPSW 10b144b using Ios 6.1 (5.2 ) Cydia blobs named xxxxxxx_Apple_TV_2-5.2_(10B144b)-blobs.ifaith

  3. shift restore using itunes latest ver 11 in Windows 7 32 bit pro

  4. Successfully downgraded to Ios 6.1 (5.2 ) STOCK FIRMWARE

  5. Use snowbreeze to create 00xxxxxxxx_sn0wbreeze_Apple_TV_2-5.2-10B144b_signed.ipsw using cydia blobs

8 Shift restor using Itunes 11 . restored successfull when i look at apple tv logs even though it returned error 1602 but i just ignore it. Led light stabilize and nito installer can detect its ip adddress af ATV2, can Shsh using putty to install xbmc 12.1