Infuse pricing is going up?

I just discovered a price change for my region. I used to pay 4.99 zł, and now I can see it’s 9.99 zł.

Is the InFuse subscription going to be higher this year?

What’s the difference between 4.99 zł and 9.99 zł on the Available Plans screen?

When you take out a subscription, the subscription price you pay is fixed at the amount when you start the subscription.

However, a new subscriber would start paying at the current price of the subscription.

So in your case, I assume you have had the subscription for a while and it is fixed at 4,99. A new subscriber would have to pay 9,99.

So long term subscribers benefit from the price being cheaper in the past.


The price you originally subscribe at will remain fixed for as long as you have an active subscription.

Pricing is adjusted from time to time based on a number of factors (some of these are minor adjustments done automatically by Apple due to exchange rates) and these prices only apply to new subscribers, or those who have canceled and then resubscribed.

FWIW, this price adjustment went into effect on 1/1/24, and before that the last price change for yearly was way back in 2017 (when the monthly option was originally added).


Thanks guys!

Since I saw it in 2019 for €59.99 I would have liked to buy it Lifetime, although I never thought it would raise the price of that plan so much… And that’s how it was…

January 1, 2021: €70
April 8, 2021: €75
October 2, 2021: €80

And I would always think that this would stop one day but not…

November 30, 2021: €85
April 19, 2022: €90
July 2, 2022: 99€

This is the approximate increase of the lifetime plan (the plan I would like to get). But now I have seen that even the price of the Pro annual subscription plan has risen since January 1, 2024!!!

It has gone from €9.99 → €14.99 the annual pro plan…

I wish I had decided when it was at €59 and not to be so deluded thinking that those increases were not going to more, and to more, and to more…

The question is… Continue with the annual Pro plan? Or buy the lifetime plan before it goes up to 200-250€…???

I understand that the economic standard of living and everything that happens is normal that everything goes up in price but it is one of the few applications that does not offer a day of lifetime discount for those of us who like Infuse…

What do you think?

A greetings!

From James:

The price you originally subscribe at will remain fixed for as long as you have an active subscription.

If you have a annual subscription already it will stay at the price you pay today, and 9,99$ for an app like infuse per year is a bargain to be honest. Atleast for me since I use it every single day!


For what it’s worth, I was considering upgrading to lifetime to support the product, but doing so felt a bit steep with the new pricing compared to the annual rate I’m locked in to.

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Yes, that’s just what happens to me, and in fact I think the infusion team has made this increase precisely because it had no logic 99€ lifetime VS €9.99 per year.

That is, in 10 years you amortize the lifetime plan… it doesn’t make sense… and that’s why they have raised it, although they could also have lowered the price of the lifetime plan (which was another option…)

My problem (from what I have written here) is that I don’t know whether to make the economic effort of €99 because as the infusion team continues to raise the price of the LIFETIME plan, the price will end up too high and I will have to stay only with the Plex plan…


James? This brings me to raise the following. I have families in two countries and all are using infuse of course. And we all love it. But on one apple ip I have infuse 6.X (7 i believe it was)pro and that one is not able to upgrade anymore. What happens if i had bought lifetime pro. Would I then have been able to always get the latest Pro version. Meaning also the latest 7.6?

A bit sad i am not able to upgrade 6.7 to the next pro version.

Otherwise thank you for a wonderful product. I really appreciate the various things and the way covers etc are handled. Well done :+1::trophy:

Yes, all of the in-app purchase options (monthly, yearly, lifetime) will include automatic updates and can be shared with family sharing.

Thanks. I get that but the pro version of 6.7. On my ipad. It doesnt seem i am allowed to update it to the latest 7.6 version. Strange.


It sounds like you have the standalone ‘Infuse Pro 6’ app. This includes all updates until the release of Infuse 7. (These standalone paid apps were previously available as Apple did not allow family sharing of in-app purchases or subscriptions - which Apple finally did enable in Jan 2021).

In-app purchases (monthly, yearly, lifetime) made in the free Infuse app (starting with Infuse 5 in 2016) get automatic updates to all releases.

If you are interested in upgrading to Infuse 7 you can receive a free year of Pro.

Yes please :blush::+1:. As i discovered the app sometimes crashes.

Thanks James. Really appreciate all your help. And also your previous help in assisting me changing covers for the tv series season. Now it all makes sense.

Have a great weekend and fantastic work you are doing.


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This may be an unpopular opinion here but I think Infuse should raise the price. The value the app provides on a specific niche is so immense.

It would also give the developers more resources to implement a few of the less yelled about feature requests maybe… :slight_smile:

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