Bad price in iOS

Hi. I live in France and subscribed a monthly Infuse Pro on October 16 at 0,99 euros.
But in my subscriptions list iOS show that my subscription will be renewed on November 16 but at 9,99 euros. I don’t understand why, does anyone encounter the same problem ?

Did you get a receipt from Apple for 0,99 euros? If so then it appears to be an Apple error and they would have to fix it.

But I think it may be something else if you didn’t get a receipt from Apple for 0,99 euros.

It looks like you may have selected the annual subscription for 9,99 which I believe would give you a free month trial (which would be from Oct 16 to Nov 16) and then you would receive a bill for 9,99 euros which I think is the Annual fee.

I receive a receipt for 0,99 euros for the first month in october, but i am worry that the price won’t be the same for the second month.

Once you start a subscription the price is locked in at what you started. It’s only if it lapses that you may get a price increase.

The 9,99 euro charge will have to be addressed by Apple. I would suggest you contact them and let them know you signed up for the monthly and not the annual. They’ll have to fix that since Firecore doesn’t handle payments with the Apple store.

Can you check to see what is shown if you tap on the Infuse item in the list of active subscriptions? It should display a list of available options, with a checkmark next to the currently selected subscription.

If I view the App Store page for France the monthly price appears to be correct.

This is what i see, 9,99 euros next the credit card symbol :

And when i click and “afficher tous les forfaits” the one with the mark is 0,99 euro

That is very strange. It definitely seems like some sort of Apple bug.

Are you running iOS 16.1 or an earlier version?

You may try switching to the other Monthly option (they are exactly the same) to see if that clears up the issue.

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I am on 16.1. And even if i done nothing the price is correct now !

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