Infuse doesn't stop increasing the price

Since I saw it in 2019 for €59.99 I would have liked to buy it Lifetime, although I never thought it would raise the price of that plan so much… And that’s how it was…

January 1, 2021: €70
April 8, 2021: €75
October 2, 2021: €80

And I would always think that this would stop one day but not…

November 30, 2021: €85
April 19, 2022: €90
July 2, 2022: 99€

This is the approximate increase of the lifetime plan (the plan I would like to get). But now I have seen that even the price of the Pro annual subscription plan has risen since January 1, 2024!!!

It has gone from €9.99 → €14.99 the annual pro plan…

I wish I had decided when it was at €59 and not to be so deluded thinking that those increases were not going to more, and to more, and to more…

The question is… Continue with the annual Pro plan? Or buy the lifetime plan before it goes up to 200-250€…???

I understand that the economic standard of living and everything that happens is normal that everything goes up in price but it is one of the few applications that does not offer a day of lifetime discount for those of us who like Infuse…

What do you think?

A greetings!

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