New pricing

I was really happy, when I got the email some minutes ago stating the following:

“Today we’re introducing new monthly and lifetime pricing options for Infuse Pro along with an awesome upgrade special for those still using older versions.

Check out our blog post for for all the details on these new options, and more details on how to save when upgrading from Infuse 4.”

Then I downloaded the new version and saw that the price has increased again, this time by approx 50% to 9.99 a year. I was planning to purchase the yearly bundle and thought you might have a Christmas promo.

I think it is fine to increase prices on a regular basis, although I think the increase over the past two years is a bit steep. I especially find the message in the email misleading. I was prepared for a reduced yearly offer, as I bought Infuse 4, but now that I downloaded the newest version (my fault), I cannot even get the old price back.

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Sorry for the confusion.

All Infuse 4 users can upgrade to a lifetime license at a substantial discount. More info on how this works can be found here.

I am now profoundly confused. I setup and subscribed about a month ago – I thought it was a $6 or $7 a year charge that would provide me with forever updates as long as the subscription is in place… Now when I look at the Infuse 5 setup, I don’t see anything that shows this – or what I purchased.

If you’re already subscribed, then yes nothing changes. You still get updates forever, and your subscription rate is locked in for life, and will never increase.

You can view details on your current subscription and benefits by tapping the ‘View Subscription’ link found in Infuse > Settings near the Pro icon.

What happened to the 33% discount on the lifetime offer? One minute I see it on my TV, next minute…poof…it’s gone!

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Would be nice to offer that discount for the yearly subscription as well for the ones that bought v4

One year later the same failure. Last year was (supposedly) a comunication problem. This year the confussion increase. Infuse need an manager who add touch of class in money related themes, it’s important. my hope is that this increase of price comes with increase of people working in the development of the program (fantastic in other way) but with range to improve.


If I subscribe for a year, can I still use the latest version of the app that was available when I ended my subscription, even after the subscription ended?

No if you go the subscription route then if you let the subscription lapse then you can no longer use the Pro features in Infuse; the Pro features require an active subscription.

So if I buy the Pro app, I have all minor updates included and can use it as long as I want?

That is correct. If you buy the Pro app (not subscription) you get all the updates to Infuse 5 with no time restrictions; but it will not cover you for the update to version 6 (you will be ‘stuck’ on Infuse 5)

So you have to balance the cost of an ongoing subscription against buying Infuse outright vs when you think Infuse 6 will become available and whether you will want whatever feature warrants a change of the major version number.

My renewal couldn’t have been easier. I received an email a few weeks prior to renewal date that showed where I should look on my iPhone to renew. Settings/itunes/account/subscriptions/Infuse pro yearly $x.xx

Same discounted rate I paid this time last year.
What other bills do we receive that are at same rate as previous year? Uhm, none of them are the same, in fact, my Comcast Cable bill had 2 increases since Dec 2016. Not next year though,…cancelled Comcast Cable and now it’s Sling TV, OTA broadcasts, and Infuse pro for my household !!

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Awesome! So glad to hear everything went smoothly. :slight_smile:


If I purchase the Lifetime in-app purchase option will that include ALL future updates (i.e. Infuse Pro 6, 7, etc.)? The Lifetime in-app purchase shows up as $62.99 but I see under in-app purchase for Infuse 5 in the App Store it says Lifetime Special for $39.99, but it show this or allow me to select the discounted lifetime subscription for $39.99.

I’m confused as to which one to purchase, I would like to purchase the lifetime special for $39.99 IF it includes ALL future updates i.e. Infuse Pro 6, 7, etc.

I need to purchase the subscription today because my free trial runs out tomorrow.


Yes, the lifetime license will cover all future updates - even major releases like v6, v7, etc…

The Lifetime Special and regular Lifetime are the same thing - though the special is available to Infuse 4 users.

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I Would like some clarity on this as well.

Do I understand this correctly (I am still on Infuse 4):

  1. If I buy the Infuse 5 pro app directly from the AppStore than I will only have minor update (so I will have to buy again once Infuse 6 gets released) → subsequently every family member sharing can use their own seperate Trakt account
  2. If I buy through the in-app purchase for a lifetime than I will get all future updates (so also major updates to new versions) → however with family sharing I am restricted to the same Trakt account for all family members

Is this correct? And one final question. Can I use the lifetime in-app subscription with the special discounted price when I upgrade from Infuse 4?

1 & 2. Yes, that is correct.

The special Lifetime pricing will be available to Infuse 4 users, and more info on obtaining this can be found here.

Ok, thank you for replying so quickly. If I purchase the yearly Infuse Pro subscription for $8.49 will I still be able to use this subscription for “Family Sharing”? I just want to make sure I purchase the correct subscription I need and that it includes “Family Sharing” as well. Once 100% confident I’m selecting the right subscription for me I’ll make my purchase today.

Yes, no matter which option you choose you will be able to share the purchase/subscription via Family Sharing. The only difference is the In-App options will require the use of Trakt in order to share, as Apple does not yet officially support sharing of In-App Purchases.

More info on this can be found here.

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