If the yearly subscription increases (to 12$ for example) ,will i have to pay more the next year?

rn the yearly is 9.99

if they ever raise the price,will i get to pay more,or will the price remain as it was when i first subbed ,so i continue to pay 9.99 every year?

i know infuse has increased price many times already,so to those of you using a monthly/yearly subscription,did the price raise for you or remained as it was at first ?


As long as you don’t let it lapse your subscription rate should remain the same. If you let it lapse and then start again then it would most likely be at the higher rate if they do raise rates.

by letting it lapse you mean if i change my credit card and dont update it ? otherwise as long as i pay regularly i wont get to pay more,you sure of that ? thanks a lot

how about christmas special,is there a chance ? maybe i should buy now since i have a one month trial anyway lol

also if the yearly never raises for me,the lifetime would make sense if only i use infuse for over 9 years…do u think its still worth it or should i better go for the yearly?

should i wait for christmas before buying either yearly or lifetime license ?

I’ve never seen a sale on subscriptions and for a while there was a discount on the lifetime for those who had purchased prior versions of Infuse but those discounts have expired.

If you wait you run the chance of having the rates increase if Firecore chooses to do that and then you’re stuck at the new rates. If you do it now you lock in the rate. That’s the way it was explained to me anyway. :wink:

I moved your other posts here so we could answer all of your questions in one place concerning subscriptions.

oh alright then

ye exactly my thoughts ahahah ,you nailed it

but im afraid that aftr the monthly sub theyd already incrase price as it be 2022 by then lmao,what say u

so i’ve noticed,thank you. i also just noticed you are a moderator,so i asssume what u said about pricing and lock rate should be trusthworthy since you’re kind of an insider (know what i mean?)

i guess im going for the yearly even tho the lifetime might be more worth it.who knows what may happen in 9 years,maybe ill die by then( even dead i’d be pissed to spend 10 euros in vain lol)

was about to open another post but maybe u could answer here :slight_smile: is there any way to get infuse interface in another language ? since im french i have it in french…but i much rather use infuse in english,however i cant find any setting for that …

if you dont know ill open the said post ,thks

I’m just another user like yourself. I’ve been around for a while and I relay what I’ve seen so far. :wink:

I went with the lifetime because I hate having to make sure that I remember to check on the subscriptions and making sure my cards are still up to date or I have enough gift card credit on the app store and this way it’s a sure thing regardless of prices.

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gotcha,somehow it kinda hurts me to pay 100$ in one time so there’s that…

Have you tried setting your ATV to English?

atv is apple tv? im on mac

Whatever the price is when you start your subscription will remain fixed for all future renewals.

If you stop your subscription and then resubscribe, you would start at whatever the current rate is then.

Apple does have a 60 day grace period, so if there’s a problem with the renewal or you need to update a credit card then you would still be able to retain your old price.


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