HDR Tone mapping Apple TV Issue

So, just started using Infuse and it works great for the most part with my Apple TV 4K (latest).

Something I noticed when streaming a Dolby Vision file is that it is washed out and too dim compared to say, the same movie on Netflix and oddly the Mac Infuse app.

I want to note that I am using a HDR10 compatible TV, but I am choosing to play my content in SDR only that is set in Apple TV preferences.

Devices I also tested the same file on were my Mac, iPhone, iPad Pro.

The iPad and iPhone as well as Apple TV display the same dim image.

However, the Mac infuse app displays the brighter and more vibrant image. This also looks almost
identical to the same movie on Netflix.

Now, I also tested the same movie on VLC player. It too by default displays the same image as the ATV and iPad, iPhone.

But, I found a way to improve the tone mapping by going into advanced settings of VLC and adjusting the tone mapping to Reinhard.

When I did this, it matched perfectly to the Mac infuse and Netflix players, and looked correct.

I’m just trying to figure out why the Mac and Apple TV do not match when playing the same exact content.

I wish I could get the Apple TV and iOS devices to match the Mac because it looks great.

BTW I am not using the Retina display, just a 4k LG monitor attached to the Mac.

Here are a couple of pictures showing what VLC and Apple TV looks like compared to the Mac App.

Sorry for the trouble.

It sounds like these files are playing in HDR and not Dolby Vision (VLC does not actually support Dolby Vision) so it’s possible these files may be mistagged, or potentially have a different issue that may require special handling.

Would you be able upload one of the problematic videos so we can review it here?

Hi James,

I was able to upload a sample to dropbox.