Tone mapping issue on Mac/Apple TV

I have a related problem, HDR tone mapping is way off.

Apple TV 4K Gen 2 on an SDR Plasma and MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013.
Match Dynamic Range is off, tvOS 15.3

HDR looks like this:

SDR looks like this:

I have reported this as a bug.

I would recommend enabling both Match Content options to see if this helps.

Can you upload a sample video you are seeing this with?


It didn’t make any difference.

The problem is identical on macOS and on tvOS.

I opened the file in mpv and it looks great compared to Infuse:


Infuse macOS (looks same on tvOS)

I’ve also uploaded a sample to dropbox and e-mailed support.

Recent Intel MBP displays are HDR capable, with both Dolby Vision and HDR10 support, despite lacking local dimming. See relevant Apple support pages.

Infuse doesn’t handle HDR to SDR tone mapping correctly on either format.

mpv seems to handle it just fine on my MBP 15" Late 2013 which is an SDR display.

Still borked in 7.3.5, both mac and Apple TV.

Match Dynamic Range on/off makes no difference.

Still borked 7.3.6.

Still oversaturated with 7.3.9 and the new “Option to switch between HDR color profiles”.

HDR Colours set for Apple or Infuse makes no difference.

My ticket #142029 is two months and still open.

Last activity was from Alexis Martin 19 days ago saying he passed the buck…

Are you working on this or what’s going on?


Oh just spotted post thank you. I use a Calibrated Display and yes have since day 1 on Mac noticed over saturation especially in red. Infuse shouldn’t mess with changing colour profiles especially on MAC where many Pro’s are using a Calibrated display.

I’ve seen some issue too on MacOS. Did you try to change the HDR Profile parameter in Infuse Preference ?

You can choose Infuse or Apple. Infuse profile have strange colors on my screen (very washed out) and the Apple seems better (but maybe a little too dark).

I’ve a Mac Mini M1, fully updated, and an Alienware AW2434DW QD-OLED screen with HDR enabled in MacOS for the screen (only one screen connected with the HDMI output of the Mac Mini in 3440x1440@60Hz).

Yes HDR Colours set for Apple or Infuse makes no difference.

mpv shows the correct colors so something is off with Infuse.

I opened ticket #142029 on the 11th of February (3 months ago) and also e-mailed video samples.

I got this generic answer around the same time:

Hi, thanks for sending in your report. I’ll pass along the details and see what we can do.

Nothing has happened since then.

My ticket #142029 is still open, last reply is from 4 months ago:

Hi, thanks for sending in your report. I’ll pass along the details and see what we can do.
Best, Alexis Martin • Firecore
Customer Service Representative

Is this normal?

I have noticed that the MacOS version and the AppleTV version seem to have different tone mapping.

It is very interesting that you are seeing the same error under both systems!

Has anyone been able to duplicate this?

I don’t have that movie, but I just tried another, and couldn’t generate the error you describe (though this was on a M1 Air).

I will admit that sometimes I do not care for the tone mapping (mostly the treatment of highlight details) of Infuse on the ATV4K (I have the first gen) which I use with an SDR projector. I wish there was a way to adjust it.

Just tried on my 2015 intel based iMac. Tone mapped DV fine.

It’s pretty bad still on 2018 MBP 15. It works pretty well on M2 iPad Pro 12.9

But the iPad doesn’t need to map to SDR. It can display HDR. So that’s a different thing, right?

My Mac supports HDR, it seems. 2018 MBP15.

Mac models that support HDR

These Mac models support HDR video on their built-in display (if applicable) and external HDR10-compatible displays.

Well then it’s not the HDR to SDR tone mapping in InFuse that is the problem, because that tone mapping isn’t happening.

Rather it’s an issue with your model or settings outside of infuse.

Iirc the op was concerned with tone mapping of hdr to sdr.

If your computer can display hdr, the there isn’t any tone mapping to sdr necessary, right?