HDR appears washout on non-hdr tv with Apple TV 4K

I have Apple TV 4K connected to fullhd tv w/o hdr support which is running tvOS 11.3. I have my Apple TV format set to 1080p 60hz SDR. When I play 4K hdr content with infuse, I expect the content to be displayed in SDR. However, it appears washout, too bright. I have every single setting and format on the Apple TV and nothing works. Strangely though, VLC plays perfectly. All that leads me to believe that infuse is not respect the format setting on the Apple TV and displaying in SDR. It is still trying display HDR which my tv does not support and hence the image appears washout. Please help.


It’s a bug with 11.3. James has also said they’ve reported it to Apple.

Thanks good to know. Unfortunately I cannot downgrade tvOS to 11.2 without taking the Apple TV 4K to the store. Also it is interesting to know that it is a problem with 11.3 cos’ VLC does not the problem so I thought it is problem with infuse. Hope Apple fixes it in the final version of 11.3 else I will not be able to play some of my files.

Apple has acknowledged the bug, and is presumably working on a fix - though they typically don’t provide updates until the problem is resolved.

Also for a bit of background, Infuse has HDR implemented in a much different way than apps like VLC. In general, the approach used in Infuse provides more accurate colors, though as you’ve noticed it relies on a few Apple APIs which are currently broken in 11.3.

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Thank you James. It almost drives me crazy when I tried everything and nothing works. I even bought a new HDMI cable just to rule it out. At least now I know it is tvOS problem. Just have to pray that Apple fixes it soon else may have to consider buying a new TV that supports HDR.

Or you not use betas going forward and save the $$

Ha, that is true too.

Release TvOS 11.3 Still Out => Not Working

Oh yes, I face the same problem!
It seems it won’t fix this problem so soon…
Don’t know whether I can take my Apple TV 4K to Apple Store for restoring…

will infuse pro try to update the software to help users to solve the problem ?

It drives me crazy …pls let me know what can i do without paid for a new tv or apple tv.

It’s unfortunate to see Apple release 11.3 with this issue still present, but we’re looking into an alternate solution for those who wish to play HDR content on an SDR screen.

Stay tuned.

Same problem here, very consistent and as people say, no problem with VLC.

I would kindly like a workaround if it’s “easy” to implement meanwhile. You never know how ‘fast’ those Apple apartments are with ‘your’ fix… :wink:

Otherwise I’m really enjoying the nfuse 5 but 4K HDR on SDR TV’s are kind of important to get to work.

James, it really delighted to hear there may have alternative solution :slight_smile:
For example add a force disable hdr option.

It is really annoying to find out that decent HDR playback is now broken on SDR TVs. I am going to downgrade tvOS 11.2

And what the reason to watch HDR contenet on SDR TV? I’m sure there will be no improvements in picture, since SDR TV physically can’t show advantages of HDR.

I can only think people is already getting these movies so they already have a nice collection when they buy a HDR tv, in the meantime they want to see them on SDR.

Yup. This is what I’m doing. Building up my collection before I get a 4K tv. Also, they usually have a better sound track than the 1080p content. Most come with 7.1 or Atmos. So even if I don’t get a 4K, at least I can enjoy Atmos (once the Apple TV finally releases it)

I’m glad the team is working on an alternative. I can’t imagine how long it will take Apple to fix their mess

I have a 4K HDR TV and a 1080p projector. I would need to store the same movie on my NAS twice unless this is fixed, ideally I’d store the 4K version and play it on any Tv.

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