Handling CamelCase filenames

It would be good if there was something within Infuse to recognise files with their names in CamelCase. I see that it does read files with periods between each word.

For historical reasons my collection is mainly named in CamelCase. It’s never been a problem for me because the software I’ve used over many years was never bothered by it. I was just manually choosing the files I wanted to view.

Infuse is the first app that I’ve really liked but seemingly it can’t handle CamelCase filenames like some others, e.g. a Kodi version I tried. Single word filenames with the accepted NAME.S01E01.EXT naming work OK in Infuse, but others are guessed badly :crazy_face:

I tried writing a RegexRenamer filter to rename the collection, but it’s mind-bendingly tricky and it’s potential to screw up a whole lot of files is worrying!

I imagine Infuse would encounter the same difficulties — but if Kodi is somehow capable of correctly identifying your CamelCased filenames, suggest you use Kodi to save local metadata and then use another bit of software to rename your files based on the metadata titles identified by Kodi.

The metadata thing is interesting and I need to learn about that. In Infuse I added metadata to one mkv file which allowed Infuse to sort it differently, even though the filename is unchanged, but I have yet to see where that edited metadata is stored exactly. A lot of my collection is h.264 mp4s but newer titles are either h.264 or h.265 mp4s inside mkvs. MP4 as a container is limited, but mkvs can store all sorts of info. Does Infuse store the user-added metadata in it’s own dB?