File names erratic

When I use Infuse to select a movie from my database, I get erratic file names.
Looking into the movie volume with the Finder shows a correct list of files.
But Infuse shows a number of files with totally different names.
In stead of “” a name like VTS_01_0.

What goes wrong?

Do you by chance have Embedded Metadata turned on in settings?

Yes, I had. No idea why.
Turned it off now.
See what happens

You may need to use the Edit option to re-select the correct title and then it should pick up the right info if it doesn’t find it right away.

“You may need to use the Edit option to re-select the correct title and then it should pick up the right info if it doesn’t find it right away.”

Could you please explain in detail what I should do?
The edit option of what? How do I get there?

Sure, if the name is still not correct after you turn off embedded metadata then in Infuse, when you have the video highlighted just long press on it and you’ll get the option to “Edit Metadata”. Select that and then in the list it provides select the correct one for the file.

This is assuming that it’s a TV show or movie that is listed in either or .

I tried, but without success. Selecting a title now gives a picture of the “title page”, but the file name did not change.
What I do not understand is, that the file names are stil the original names when I look into the folder with Apple’s Finder.
So, Infuse seems to store the new, erratic names somewhere.

Could you provide the exact file name for one of the problem files?

Is it possible to send a screenshot? It might make things clear.

You can, just click on the “Attachments” link when you compose a reply in this thread. It may be easier to just type in the exact name though. Maybe best to do both.

See attachment. (sorry, I didn’t notice)
Five filenames with the same name for five different movies (this alone violates every rule…):
When I click and hold, I can change Metadata. Type he real title of the movie. At right the correct name appears. When I click on that name, the result is the same, no change.

Okay, what are the actual file names for the files showing up as VTS_01_0?

The French Connection
Catch 22
Mississippi Burning
The Passenger

I guess, from my memory

What connection method are you using in Infuse to connect to your source of movies?
Is it by any chance DNLA?

I am not exactly sure about it, but I suspect Infuse is getting the file name in the metadata and not the one in the file system. I would download MediaInfo (from MediaInfo - Download MediaInfo for macOS) and then check with it if those videos have those names embedded in them. If such is the case you should find a way to edit or delete those from the metadata. How to do that I dunno, I never did it.

No idea, where can I find this?

Got it. Indeed it shows the possible answer:
On top (Volledige naam) the name in the Finder
13 lines below: (Filmnaam) VTS_01_0

I did not find a way to change it.
So far, Infuse seems to to be able to change it to the correct file name.


A better attachment


Well, the same mediaInfo’s developer seems to have the tool for you as well: MOV MetaEdit

I didn’t test it. It’s probably better if you make a copy of a video and test it from there. Either delete the “Filename” field or change it to the movie’s real title.