Detection of movies with media files grouped into folders

Hello on my NAS, I organize movies in a folders named as <year-of-release> - <title>, e.g. “1994 - Pulp Fiction” (I like it that way, as I want to have movies sorted chronologically - no matter where I browse them). Then in given folder I have media files, where naming reflects the format, e.g. “4K” denotes folder which holds backup of UHD disc, “4K.mkv” means it’s encoded mobile friendly version of “4K” disc etc.

Ofc Infuse totally fails to detect anything properly with such naming scheme.
Question is, is there any convient way to fix that? e.g. is this possible to introduce some single meta text file into folder, which will make Infuse detect all the files in the folder as one related to specific movie? It’s not problem if I will have to list each file independently in meta file as I can automate generation of such meta files

You’ll probably have to name the files with “Name (year).ext”. Like “Pulp Fiction 1994.mkv”. Infuse uses the format of the file name to determine if it’s a movie or TV show.

If you name the files correctly you can still browse by release date using the library. It has the ability to show by release date as well as genre, rating, and age rating.

Any of those you can have that as a favorite on the home screen so you don’t have to work through the library to find the most used sorts.

The recently released 7.6.6 update allows for adding the TMDB/IMDb ID to the filename for exact matching, regardless of how the actual files/folders are named.

And soon you’ll be able to add an NFO file with TMDB/IMDb ID inside for matching as well.

@james thanks for info! Ideally would be if we could provide some sort of index file for a folder, which will contain mappings for all the files in the folder. That way I wouldn’t have to mess with filenames to achieve desired discoverability