Movie file names have a year as first component


I have a lot of move files that are in this format:

Year - Movie-Name (Details).mkv

If I understand the metadata handling correctly, Infuse can’t recognize the movies name with that year in front of the filename (the year is there to sort the files by release date when viewing e.g. in the Windows Explorer).

I think I have the option to edit the metadata of each film manually. This should be ok, but is a lot of work of course.

Is there any other way to get Infuse to ignore the year in front of the movies filename?

(My ideal solution would be to provide my own pattern, e.g. with a RegEx, for Infuse to interpret the filenames components like movie name, year etc., but that is for sure a feature request out of scope :wink: ).


Sorry to say, I don’t think there’s any way other than to rename them in the “Name Year” format.

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Thanks for your answer, @NC_Bullseye :slight_smile:

Yes I assumed there is no way, it’s not a big deal. I will rename the movie files and probably write a script that renames the files, so I can easily order by release date on demand.

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One good thing, once you get them renamed you can browse by release date in the Infuse Library so that may help keep you from a mass of file re-naming.

Also, just be forewarned that if you change the file names that may confuse Infuse and cause it to redo the metadata and lose any watched statuses.