G Suite "Download Quota" API Ban

How did it do?

I tested it a bit today… im trying to play a few larger MKV’s and letting them play out. So far no error/ban… crossing fingers…I want a few more days to test this out.

@james can we get a technical explanation of what exactly “legacy” mode does with respect to the volume of download API download? (vs. Auto) thanks again!

Per James

Per James

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@NC_Bullseye Thanks! I must be going blind :grimacing:

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My apologies for the delay. It worked out great. I’m going to try some larger files and keep you updated

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I tested with “streaming cache” para “legacy" too: 10 minutes of movie play generated only 2 API calls! That is a HUGE difference!

@james - I think there are still 2 urgent issues to be resolved: the API calls during navigation opening or not the detail’s page.

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Currently watching an 80GB 4K Remux and have had no issues on “Legacy”

This may be the same situation as using legacy, maybe when you’re navigating it’s not a constant stream of hits so it doesn’t count toward a ban. It may be a high number but it’s spread out over a period of time.

Glad to hear that maybe the Legacy setting may be helping. :+1:

Same here, had no problems whatsoever!

@james, new test: I am still using the “streaming cache” set to “legacy":

  • 5 minutes of navigation through the movies: 214 download records (this should have been 0, right?)
  • 5 minutes of navigation through the movies detail page: 108 download records (this is the one I’ve asking to have an option to deactivate API calls all together)
  • 10 minutes of movie playback: 5 download records
  • Report 5 digit code: QVJ5S

Please let us know if you are still looking at this one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional feedback.

We’ve identified an issue related to the disk cache which appears in some cases and can actually affect all streaming methods. It’s more noticeable for Google Drive due to the API limits.

We have a solution in progress.

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I can’t stream big ISO’s from GDRIVE either 1080p or 4k files.

After watching the spinning wheel for over 4mins on a gigabit connection, I receive the “an error occurred loading this content”

this has been for the past two years on different Apple TV 4K, on different OS and always running the latest infuse version.

BDMV folder structure works fine

@james - thanks for the reply!

Please also evaluate the media scrapping (that was supposed to use only filenames) and the ability to shut the media details off - they have both generated several api calls

Well how did it go?

So far with Legacy selected on all my devices , I haven’t experience any bans as of yet. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I’ll keep playing around over the next weeks…

Well how did it go?

You can ask the question and reference multiple people in one post. You don’t have to delete each post when you ask the same question.


Hi @james- just checking the progress of the fixes/enhancements and whether or out you’ll take in consideration my suggestions, specially the user’s ability to shut down the media details off since it requires so many API calls to work. Thank you!

Are you still getting API bans? It sounds like if you use the Legacy setting in the cache it will work within Gdrives parameters. If you’re not getting bans then the reduced calls to Gdrive shouldn’t be an issue should it?