Getting "Error Occurred Loading This Content" error

I’m using Apple TV 4K 2017 for years, and Infuse works so well, especially playing content from Google drive. Recently, I transferred all my data from old google account to a new team drive. The issue is now I can’t play any big files and always get a top-up saying ‘An error occurred loading this content’. I tried to a a 4K DV content, and Infuse takes a lot of time to loading it (2-3 minutes). But it only plays for 1-2 minutes before the top-up raising. After that, I can only play small files, mostly in SD quality. So I wonder the problem is due to my data immigration or I did something wrong with any settings in Infuse or my Apple TV 4K device.
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Hiep Ngo
Edit: Try to add a folder from my old gdrive account and Infuse works normally. I suppose infuse still has problems with Team Drive or i have to modify anything in team drive setting.

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