G Suite "Download Quota" API Ban

@james - ran the same test again today:

  • 5 minutes of navigation through the movies: 36 download records
  • 5 minutes of navigation through the movies detail page: 49 download records
  • 5 minutes of movie playback: 43 download records
  • Report 5 digit code: SDGHC

The expectation for the first test scenario is 0. I noticed a high increase of download records during the movie playback. In fact, I got a BAN during this testing.

It’s inevitable to not to run a comparison: yesterday I streamed a 18GB movie from GDrive using Kdi 18.8 on a NVidia Shield 2019. The logs at Google side registered the total of 4 (four) API requests from Kodi during the entire 2 hours and 9 min I played the movie.

If an open source media player can do this I bet that inFuse can do it too and even better :slight_smile:

@gosantos thanks for that bit of info… that gives me hope that Infuse can do something about the number of download requests are being sent to GDrive :crossed_fingers:

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@james Any news on this?

Lately I have been blocked several times without actually seeing a full movie. It’s very frustrating. Just looking for a movie in the library can crash :frowning:

Please, if the kodi thing on nvidia is true, we have to get the same thing on apple tv, please.

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