G Suite "Download Quota" API Ban

I’ve been getting “An error occurred loading this content” when playing movies or videos from Google Drive just as others have on here and I’m really curious if this can be fixed on the Infuse side since I highly doubt Google will lift that API ban for downloads. I also want to add that I have 3 Apple TV 4Ks at home all connected to the same google drive library so that I can play files from any TV in the house. In settings, metadata fetching is enabled, embedded metadata is disabled and background app refresh is disabled on all 3 ATV 4Ks. My entire library is a tad over 1800 files at the moment.

(I’m running Infuse Pro v6.4.5 for tvOS and iOS/iPadOS)

@Infuse @james
Here is a scenario from earlier today …without playing or downloading/uploading any other files on/from my G Suite account, I played a 64GB 4K remux mkv from G Suite where all my files are stored… at approx an hour and 30 minutes in, the movie stopped and I got the infamous “An error occurred loading this content” and had to close out. I double checked that it wasnt just that movie that was the issue and tried another video… same issue. I then went to the actual mkv file within the web UI for google drive and got the "download quota exceeded for this file, so you can’t download it at this time” when trying to right click and download the mkv to my mac. I attached some pictures for some added context. From everything I’ve read online about the bans from google… downloading on google drive has a 10TB daily limit so streaming a 64GB file should not cause this… are there insane amounts of API calls that are causing these very frequent ~24 hour ban that we’re experiencing? It would be a godsend if you can solve this issue. It’s really hard to use Infuse with this current google drive streaming implementation. Thanks in advance and definitely looking forward to your reply.

Note: I have an outstanding ticket for this as well but it hasnt received much traction as of yet.


Please, yes, it is the big problem of Infuse and Google Drive, there is a big error causing the limit to be exceeded and it is a big problem for an app like infuse.

I support your request.

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I think too firecore should look at this issue!

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I’m really looking forward to a response from the Infuse folks :slight_smile:

I‘m some days getting the same issue… not sure why exactly. I think it’s because of rechecking the gdrive for new files, because it’s not because of streaming. For this case I’ve created a 2nd Account at google but that’s not a very cheap and ideal solution for the future

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I’ve now been in the dark with the same error on any video I try playing from google drive for over 48 hours now…I would really appreciate a response back from someone at Infuse. (No response on my ticket either) @james thanks again!

Update: After about 2 days or so of having the ban, it seems the ban was lifted (albeit temporarily)… let me explain:

After dealing with these bans with infuse/google for quite some time now, I noticed that one easy way of checking that I am currently banned, i just need to go into a movie’s info and see if the video/audio codec shows up when you go landscape on iOS app. (please see attached pics and see circled areas in yellow)

So while the ban has been lifted… I went into my 4K folder of mkv files and went landscape on my phone to see the details of each movie one by one. The details came up which told me I’m good to watch videos… but as I got to the ~190th movie , the details no longer showed up and tried playing a video again and got the same “error occurred loading this content” message. So chances are I’m banned yet again for another 24 hours from playing any videos on Infuse.

I’m really curious why google is constantly banning me when im not even streaming anything and just loading metadata/artwork. Something just doesnt add up… I really am looking forward to troubleshooting with the Infuse dev team and I hope it can be solved with a software update.

thanks again!

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Exactly the same thing happens here. When I go into the folder, without watching any movies, the mkv file quality metadata disappears, and I can no longer play anything (even though I haven’t played absolutely anything before). It’s a big problem because we can’t even access the google drive folder without it resulting in a crash.

Help us please!

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yep… I am really hoping we can get to the bottom of this as Infuse is unusable for me at this point and I really love this app! I am just puzzled what could be causing it. I really hope Infuse support is reading this and can at least offer some ideas or at least acknowledge it. I would also like to add that NONE of these folders/files in G suite are shared, so its completely private.

P.S. - there is some info here in some of the comments regarding API bans (How to know if 24-hour banned from Google Drive? - #11 by bupkis - Help and Support - rclone forum)
@Infuse @james how many API calls are occurring when grabbing metadata and/or playing video files? Perhaps a change in how things are called underneath needs to happen so that there isnt such a large amount of API calls which cause these bans?

PSS - also found this reddit from the plex channel discussing the api ban with respect to scanning metadata and getting repeatedly banned (vicious cycle that I’m seeing)

@Infuse @james
Can we please get a reply stating it’s being looked at? Much appreciated!

Dug into some more forums about this error and found the following info which hopefully helps Infuse team troubleshoot and solve this:

“ The download Quota Exceeded is related to repeatedly grabbing the same file and for whatever reason, it would count each hit as a full file download. With that behavior with Plex (it open and closes files a lot during the scanning process and depending on the player, it open/closes many times during playing), it would trigger the download error.”

This very well may be happening with infuse… and if you’re playing larger 4k mkvs, it’ll hit that quota reallllllly quickly.

In addition to having a high download count for a particular file, Google will also introduce bans for accessing many different files within a short period of time.

A year or two ago we stopped automatically fetching file specs for all videos during indexing if they are stored on Google Drive shares (fetching file specs requires a small portion of the video to be downloaded, and doing this for hundreds or thousands of files was resulting in bans).

These specs will only be pulled when you open video details of a specific file. IE we show the specs for something you intend to watch.

If you are scrolling through many different videos Infuse will try and download specs for the videos that have their details page opened, and there’s a good chance this can result in a ban.

Unfortunately, Google does not make info about their ban thresholds public so we don’t really have any guidance on how many files can be downloaded. This also means these limits are likely being adjusted from time to time, so a limit present at a certain point in time may not apply to the future.

Good to hear from you :slight_smile:
So if I’m browsing through my video collection with my family looking for a movie to watch for the night… and those movies are large 4K mkvs… theres a good chance i will get the ban? If so… thats really unfortunate… way too fragile of a system to make this a usable source for media. Let me know if there’s anything else that can be done on the Infuse side to help out with the bans. thanks again!

It will depend on how many new movies you are browsing, but yes a ban is possible.

If Infuse had previously loaded specs for a video, these will remain cached (and synced to iCloud) so they will not need to be refetched.

Browsing via the Library instead of via folder can also reduce the number of API calls.

It would be nice if Google were to provide some better options here, but we have to do the best with what we have.

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I definitely understand.
And I presume you tried to ask them for data and they just won’t share them with you?

I’m also trying to understand why when I watched the 64Gb mkv from g suite… not doing anything else on there… caused a ban after watching it for approx 1:30hrs. :thinking:

As I have discovered, every time I infuse it enters a folder, everything is reloaded, with an infinite number of API calls, so it does not matter if I infuse it, it saves information in cache … every time it enters a folder everything starts from 0.

Thus it is impossible to use Infuse with Google Drive :frowning:

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that’s a good tip!
→ is it possible to add a feature for not fetching any other data than filename when using folder instead of library? this would kill the error on my side and I think at many others with a very simple feature. I doesnt have to be the final solution but until maybe google changes something this would be epic!!!


I have been trying to look through my google console for API activity but not seeing how to enable/activate it for my g suite account. I am curious how many API calls are done when going into a folder of say 400 4K mkv files. I also looked at my audit log in google cloud and noticed that it saw a “download” of the 4K mkv 371 times as i was watching last night. Does that seem right? Each one one of those “download” items is considered downloading the entire mkv??? i sure hope not! (see attached picture of what i mean)


That would be nice to have this option if you dont want to get constantly banned for browsing our collections of media. Any sorta help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t have a G drive set up but I wonder if the API is considering every time Infuse hits the G drive to fill the buffer as a download.

Just out of curiosity, what do you have the “Streaming Cache” set to in the Infuse settings?

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