G Suite playback :: "Error Occurred loading this content" on larger (40GB+) mkv files only (not smaller HD files)

I recently noticed that im getting “An error occurred loading this content” for my google drive stored mkv files that are 4K in quality (typicaly 40GB+)… but when I try to play HD mkv files it plays fine without that error. Anyone else noticed this? (v6.1.8 on ATV 4K w/ tvOS 13) . thanks in advance!


I take that back… its happening on any file now on infuse/google. I tried completely cleaning out google drive connection and its STILL doing it. I even called G Suite phone support and they see nothing that would limit the ability to play the files. The mkv files play fine on the google drive app or web browser. So there is something between infuse and google thats causing this error. Any other ideas? thanks again

I’m getting this too every few days. I have infuse on two phones and three Apple TV’s. I believe the background indexing is causing API bans and locking out.