"An error occurred loading this content" - Google Drive


Lately I have been getting a playback error when I try to play movies.
”An error occurred loading this content.”
This happened before but was fixed by itself after half an hour.

We are 3 households (separate Infuse subscriptions/iCloud accounts) that all use the same
Google Drive library to stream from. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?
The library consists of 95 movies and a few (maybe 10) TV shows. Most of the movies are larger files (1080p Remux/x265 UHD encodes).

I discovered that this is some kind of temporary ban from Google and my guess is that it happens when Infuse is fetching metadata/thumbnails etc?
None of the households are playing THAT much. Maybe around 2-3 movies/episodes a week per household.

Is there any workaround for this? Would disabling metadata fetching fix it? Are we simply too many users on the same gdrive?

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hello, i have the same problem for a few days; if someone could help?

Suddenly got the same thing, no more usage than normal. Infuse won’t play google content on any device.

Edit: Mine started working again after a couple of hours, looks like it was definitely Google. For those who are interested, google drive UI continues to work but anything that logs into google drive to use it won’t work.

Purely speculation on my part since I don’t use G drive, but could it be possible their increasing the limiting of bandwidth/usage like all of the streaming services are doing due to the high internet usage during the pandemic?

Don’t forget I think that the lockout for G drive is 24 hours from what I’ve heard so having issues for 2 days could be possible.

I’ve also been seeing “an error occurred” frequently the past few days, but from playing files locally hosted on a NAS. Other players don’t have this issue and it only started happening for me a few days ago on Infuse.

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Getting error myself now on every movie I try to play. I tried actually logging into google drive and the movie plays fine there.

Same for me.

Getting ”An error occurred loading this content.” error on every file. It started after Infuse Pro 6.3.4 update.

No more usage than normal. Can’t play Google Drive content on any device (ATV/iPad/IPhone). When logging into google drive it plays fine there.

Guess nothing can be done about this issue, does seem to come and go for me but is happening more and more frequently. So annoying. Sometimes I’m out all day sometimes a few hours, it’s so random!

I’ve been getting this randomly whether the movie is on my NAS or my desktop’s hardrive. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern and somehow it fixes itself. Definitely very annoying

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Definitely happening way more than before. I built an entire new cloud drive from scratch, deleted the app on my iPhone after setup on the Apple TV, and even turned off background refresh on the Apple TV. I’m still seeing this frequently after very little use.

Same here. A TV show stopped playing mid-way yesterday, and Infuse couldn’t access it for a half-hour. Just now, a movie stopped 1 hour in, and Infuse can’t access anything on my Google Suite drive.

Per Google, the download quota has been exceeded for the file that I was watching – viewing via Infuse was the first time I ever opened that file. However, I can access all other media files via a web browser, just not through Infuse at the moment.

Same here, last night while watching a 4K movie it was stopped and then I could not watch anything in the apple tv 4k nor iPad or iPhone.

It only happened to me one time like two months ago and It was fixed like 30 minutes after. But this time almost 13 hours have been passed and I am getting the same “An error occurred loading this content”

I only watch one episode or movie a day, it strange.

I have google drive unlimited with a 30TB library.

Any conclussions?


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Is Google Drive not a cloud service?


Since this thread is titled ““An error occurred loading this content” - Google Drive” it might be better to start a new thread discussing this problem on a local network.

My comment you quoted was directed to the issues that many internet services are encountering with the major increase in traffic due to remote users during the pandemic. It’s causing problems with many streaming services and Google Drive may be limiting access hits or download speeds as are other services.

There are possible causes for this on local networks too but it may be a different direction that the original poster has.

On your setup it may be something relating the NAS either sleeping or an IP address timing out or many other possibilities.

Apparently this thread isn’t going to be checked on and I am having this problem yet again. I think I’m going to have to find a better solution to this myself. Another player. I use to use Plex I guess I’ll have to go back to it because this is becoming annoying.

I have this problem many times. Indeed I had this problem seeing a 4k remux movie (around 60GB) and after 1h and 10 min there was no way to see this movie. This is a Google Drive problem because it exceeds the limit of petitions so we get ban for a couple of hours with 24 as maximum ban. The way to resolve this is increasing the cache size for this task (Well, this is the way to fix this with rclone). This frequenly happens when infuse is trying to fetch any data but couple times happened to me whitn no data to fetch and always around at 1h 10 min

I’m getting this error today, too. First time for me… did nothing special, only updating the library from gdrive… no error accruing for about 2 hours… tested with latest infuse beta v6.4 (3043), had this error never before with earlier versions, any change for gdrive in this built? (Saw nothing in the changelog)