Folder organization in Infuse 4

Hi, I just switched from atv2 to atv4 but I can’t understand very well the behavior of this new version of infuse (PRO version).

In the old version, the media files should be placed in anywhere in the shared folder and infuse was able to magically create a perfect archive of TvSeries or Movies.

In this new version, for example, if a season is splitted in subfolders (with torrent sometime happens), infuse is not able to merge the files in a whole seasons.

Why this worsening?! Are you going to fix this behavior?

Or I’m doing something wrong?

I think this is caused by the fact that Infuse has no notion of a “Library.” Only old-school folder browsing is supported now.
This is for me also a no-go for the time being and I switched to MrMC until they will be able to implement Library.

Firecore said that “…Library is coming in the next release…” but naturally no ETA on that one. It’s a pity, because of Infuse’s inclusion of, it could be THE replacement of OpenELEC on Apple TV.

Holding my breath for usable Library functionality implementation.

I am happy to see “Library” or “Tag” coming to Infuse, one can create or assign one or more tags to a movie so he can easily locate that movie in different method, like movie “Star Wars: Episode V” can have tags “Action” and “IMDB 250” and “Star Wars Collection”.

With Library or Tag, Favorite is no longer needed, the front page of Infuse can be just a Tag wall.