Getting started FAQ for newbies?

I’ve been using InFuse on my iPhone and iPad for a while but last night I setup my new Apple TV.
I have a 16GB NAS filled with media that I’m now able to browse from the Apple TV and it’s fantastic.
However there are metadata issues and file organization questions I’d like to resolve.
I’ve read the two relevant support posts (“Metadata and Cover Art” and “Metadata 101”) but still have some questions:

  1. How should I name and organize “special episodes”? These aren’t mentioned in the articles.

  2. My TV episodes are organized as follows \TV[Show]\S##\File
    Must I rename my folders from “S##” (e.g. S01, S02, etc) to “Season ##”?

  3. When I look in my “S##” subfolders for the first time, the metadata is downloaded and the files quickly group under a single Season graphic. Which is great. But the parent folder remains the default placeholder. What do I need to change so that when browsing the TV folder I can see more than just default icons for the 180 items in the list?

  4. This comment in the macrumors forums on 5th December implies that there’s no support for tolder images. Is that true?

  5. Does fireCore maintain a list of TV show names as they’re supported (e.g. the ‘acceptable’ way that colons or other tough characters are handled by the metadata parser)?

  1. Specials should be named S00E## with the ## being the number of the special for the series at

  2. Yes

  3. An image in the parent show directory called ‘folder.jpg’ is used, but only for some connection protocols.

  4. See answer to 3.

  5. No seen one.

  1. S00E## as mentioned, however note that Season 0 folder does not get artwork (annoying!)
  2. Yup, otherwise they don’t work ( ie – the “misnamed” folder NOR the parent folder will get artwork )
  3. you need to make the name of the show exactly the same as on . Play around if it includes dashes or other special characters - it took me tons of tests to find out that “Stargate SG-1” should be “Stargate SG1” in order to get a cover. Also, if you have move the “The” from the title ( eg “Big Bang Theory, The” ), it won’t work.
  4. Just toss a folder.jpg/.png in any folder and it gets picked up. Dimensions are 156x232.
  5. Nope. Supposedly as shown on , however I’ve found numerous cases where it just doesn’t work.