Folder Organization

I’m using AppleTV’s Infuse to view my local smb folder that contains mkv and mp4 video files. I’m experiencing the same issue with my app on my iPhone.

The way I have my videos organized on my computer(smb) is that I have a root folder (Ex: TV Show List) that contains a folder for each show. And even in some of those folders contain season folders (Ex: Season 4, Season 5, etc.):

  • TV Show List
    |---- TV Show 1
    |---- TV Show 2
    |-------- Season 1
    |-------- Season 2
    |---- TV Show 3

I have my Infuse to favorite the “TV Show List” root folder - I explicitly want that folder and not the sub-directories favorited. The launch Infuse screen is very different from the file browse screen.

So, I tell Infuse to open my “TV Show List” folder that I have favorited. Then it immediately turns into a mess! a ton of my folders are missing while some are still there. The folders that are missing actually have the content listed at the root “TV Show List” folder. Also none of my “Season” folders appear

I want to keep my smb structure while browsing with Infuse but the application seems to randomly choose which ones to keep. I didn’t see a preference that might relate to this issue.

Any idea what’s going on or what I can do to help keep my folder structure?

Anybody else experiencing this issue or have a solution?


have you found a solution? Im facing the same Error. Some SubFolders are shown and some are not, its a total mess. :frowning:


Nope, haven’t found a solution yet. Just been living with how it’s currently presented right now.

I basically have the same structure:
Root Folder/sub folder with seasons (Folder name: TV Shows -------- Sub folder: Program Name ---------- individual subfolders with seasons: Season 1 etc…

The only time I’ve seen issues with organization of file groups is if the episode naming convention wasn’t consistent and didn’t contain the season and episode.
ex: TV Shows/Top Gear/Season 22/ Top Gear 21x01, Top Gear 21x02, Top Gear 21x03 etc…

Hope this helps