For ISO Folders where does custom art file go?

I store my movies as ISO folders and this works well with INFUSE unless it can’t find the correct metadata. Even though Angels in America (HBO) is in IMDB, for some reason INFUSE can’t find the meta data and poster artwork. So I created a file called Angels in America.jpg and tried dropping it in the root folder as well as the VIDEO_TS folder but INFUSE still doesn’t use it as the poster artwork. Suggestions?

Place it alongside the ISO file and give it the same name.


Movies/Angels in America.iso
Movies/Angels in America.jpg

Isn’t that a mini series and not a movie?

Let me correct, I’m not storing the .ISO, just the folder structure that is within a .ISO.

Yes it was a 2 part HBO Series.

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TMDB has it as a limted series with six episodes.
Not sure how you name the files for TV ISO’s, but maybe someone else can chime in.

Be advised it doesn’t matter what IMDB says. Infuse only queries TMDB.

In that case, you would have one folder with the movie’s name - then inside would be the VIDEO_TS folder.

Once you have this, you can place an image with the same name as the movie’s folder next to it.


Movies/Angels in America/VIDEO_TS
Movies/Angels in America.jpg

This will allow you add the artwork manually.

Here’s some screenshots of the folder structure - this is still not working. Sorry.

You need to place it one directory higher (as per Jame’s example) and name it the same as the directory it is beside, eg “Angels in America - Disk 1 (2003).jpg”

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Bingo! Got it to work!! Thank you!!!


I love Infuse, I migrated from CCwGTV/Kodi for local shows.

The only thing I miss from Kodi is my TV show ISO’s cover art on the folder . The ISO’s are in folders per show. So lets say Taxi is the folder and the isos are in the folder by season, in Kodi the folder would have the cover art, in Infuse its a generic Icon, and the artwork is within the folders. Is there some setting im missing to make my folders have the cover art?

Any poster image by the name “folder.jpg” placed in a folder should usually display that image when browsing Infuse by folder, in my experience.

I was hoping it would automatically do that, as it already had fetched it from the on-line database as we can see from within the folder.

I tried that but noticed that a folder with many files, iso’s will never dispay the folder art.

Are you saying you tried putting a “folder.jpg” in the folder and Infuse failed to display that image for that folder (when browsing by folders), or that Infuse isn’t displaying the artwork derived from the metadata of an .iso for a folder containing multiple such file types?

When I browse my NAS’s file system through Infuse’s folder view, the icons for the folders do not display custom images unless (1) there is a folder.jpg included or (2) there is only one video in the folder and no additional subfolders in that folder. In the latter case, the image will be that of the TMDB-sourced poster for the title Infuse has identified as existing in that folder, or a portrait aspect thumbnail generated by scanning the (unidentifiable) video contained in the folder.

None of my folders containing subfolders show images because I don’t put folder.jpgs in such folders; I only put them in ones that directly contain content (those being folders containing a single movie and its associated metadata files, the folder containing a single tv series, and those series’ subfolders for each individual season).

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