Imbedded metadata vs TMDB for movie posters

The TMDB info retrieval works well most of the time but is lacking in any option to select a poster used for the movie file. I have files with the imbedded metadata holding a more preferred poster of a movie to be displayed. Unfortunately, if one edits the movie and selects “none - use the imbedded info”, one losses the more detailed description / cast and other information gained by using the TMDB.

How about adding options to select different posters for a movie as is done with some other media apps?

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One alternative approach which will allow you use your own artwork and keep the metadata from TMDb is to add an external image file for your video(s).

To do this, simply place a jpg/png image with the same name alongside your video.



This is how it works with movies. And how does it work for TV-Show (whole season)?

I can’t get the art work for my tv shows as well. My movies are in Video_TS format. For example, Curb your enthusiasm. Any ideas?

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You can override series and season artwork by organizing the episodes into folders, and adding your own artwork.

More info on this can be found here.

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