How to override 'Home' artwork for TV shows

First time posting, apologies if it’s the wrong place.

Infuse works so well for most of my TV shows but no so much for Asian dramas. For some shows there are no artworks at all. I’m wondering how to add a custom one.

I’ve already tried adding poster.jpg and folder.jpg to the folder containing the episodes, didn’t work. ‘Embedded Metadata’ in the settings is turned on.

I’m referring to the red rectangle. Thanks in advance!

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You can find most of the info on adding custom artwork here.

I think what you want is in the section " Overriding TV series, season, and episode artwork"

Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

Also, you will want to turn off “Embedded Metadata”. That is for metadata that is actually encoded into the file and unless you have encoded the file it will often will be poor quality or more often advertising for the capper.

Edit to add:
If the season doesn’t work like you want try adding the poster for

Series fanart

So is there a similar mechanism for adding a customer poster artwork for a movie? I have a couple of movies in my Infuse library that Infuse is unable to find movie artwork for? Would be great to be able to add a file called ‘movie name-poster.jpg’ into the movie folder and have Infuse pick it up?

Sure is, just try “movie name.jpg”. Take a look at the section at the top of the linked page above that shows an example of the movie Inception.



Thank you! That is awesome - just tried it and it worked perfectly :smiley: :smiley:

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Just a thought. The movie name-fanart.jpg - is that for the full width background image on the Infuse 7 movie details screen?

Thank you! The ‘fanart’ option worked for what I was trying to do.

One more question, what is the ideal dimension for the fan art? I’m trying to crop some vertical pics.

The aspect ratio for fanart is 16x9 and recommend to be at least 1920x1080.

Got it, thanks!

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