Question on artwork for movie & TV show

I’m noticing something strange when using Infuse directly without a Plex, Emby or Jellyfin server when it comes to artwork. I’m using Tiny Media Manager to pull over the posters, season posters, fanart, logo etc so it saves it in the particular movie or TV show folder. But what I’m seeing is one TV show will pull it over just fine and another one wont.
Does Infuse like the artwork file names to be labeled a certain way??

This users guide may help figure out things.

Yes, that is exactly what I have been referring to but for some reason, some are working and others are not. Currently have Metadata Fetching ON, Embedded Metadata ON. For a TV Show for example, the poster and fanart do NOT match the files I have within the folder. Each are labeled as “poster.jpg” and “fanart.jpg”. If I select that show, and click the 3 dots at top right, there is no “refresh” so I have to choose Edit Metadata. I have 2 selections: an NFO of the very first episode in season 1, or a the TV show. Not exactly sure which would I SHOULD be selecting but either one does not show the correct poster & fanart that lives in that shows folder.

Ultimately this is the reason why I was using a server to connect Infuse to. No idea why its hit or miss when strictly using Infuse alone.

First, you’ll want to turn off Embedded unless you’ve actually placed artwork internal to the files. Most users leave this off. This can show some strange posters and fan art so best left off.

Can you do a screen cap of the file directory and where the artwork is located in the TV show season directories?

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When you say “turn off Embedded unless you’ve actually placed artwork internal to the files”… Do you mean embedded into the actual movie or tv show file?
Here is an example of file directory of the one I’m having issues with

In the actual file.

Thanks for the clarification

Can you show the parent directory too?


Noticed a couple of things, first on the season 1 and 2 posters there’s no space between the word “season” and the number “01” and “02”.

Also, just to keep everything consistent I’d recommend naming the season folders “Season 01” and Season 02".

And lastly, don’t forget that the series poster may only be visible in the library per the users guide. :wink:

Ok cool, I can clean up the season posters, but since the Library doesn’t utilize them, might do that later.

I’m accessing everything by clicking the Infuse icon within the app on my iPad…not the folder icon. Any idea why Infuse is using the poster and fanart within the show folder on one but not another?

If the one above is not working, could you post a directory pic of one that is?

This one IS working

First thing I’d suggest, to ensure the most accurate results when Infuse scrapes metadata from TMDB, is to always include series release years in your tv series folder names ( The Terror (2018) ) and episode filenames ( The Terror (2018) S01E01.mkv ).

Second, most of the artwork types you’re downloading are ignored by Infuse.

Infuse only displays movie and TV series fanart images (the whole-screen-width background images backstopping the tops of movie and tv episode details pages), the clearlogo images (if enabled in settings), and movie posters and TV series posters (named “(movie title)-poster.(extension)” for the former and best named simply “folder.(extension)” for the latter) in the library.

The only other images supported by Infuse are TV episode thumbnail images ( The Terror (2018) S01E01-thumb.jpg ) and custom posters for specific folders when browsing your file server by folder, such as posters for individual TV seasons or images you might create to show in place of Infuse’s otherwise generic folder icon for specific folders you choose to highlight.

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Based on your info (THANKS!) should the clearlogo and fanart be labeled simply like the folder? Like “fanart.jpg” and “clearlogo.png”?
To make it easier, I have updated the parameters of TinyMediaManager for all the specifics you mentioned and for some reason that Space Ghost show will just NOT use the folder and fanart that is in the folder.

For TV series, both local logos and fanart should be named simply: logo.png and fanart.jpg

For movies, you’d do (movie title)-logo.png and (movie title)-fanart.jpg.

Note that since transparent images look best in Infuse, you’ll want to grab the clearlogo image — but chances are you might need to strip the “clear” part from the filename — at least, that’s what the guidance suggest.

Here’s a link to Firecore’s metadata 101 regarding custom artwork, by the way.

Make sure you are putting all your episodes for that series in a “Season 1” subfolder — even though Space Ghost and Dino Boy only had one season, Infuse only officially supports local artwork when that specific folder structure is used.

From the guide:

TV Show Artwork

Overriding series/season artwork is available when episodes are organized into folders by season (Series Name/Season X/episodes.mkv).

E.G. Breaking Bad/Season 1/Breaking Bad S01E01.mkv

I have edited all my TV Shows based on your input (thanks again) and it looks like its working on most shows. BUT, is there any reason why Infuse will revert back to a different poster & background when there are clearly files within the folder labeled “folder” and “fanart”? If I go to that particular show and select “edit metadata” it will update the show with the art in the folder. But if I exit out or close Infuse and go back to it, that same show art will revert back to something else (that something else is usually the first poster and background on TMDB). Any idea why this keeps happening??

Not sure why it would be but perhaps if you can show share some photos of the folders and files and what you see on the UI?

How are you viewing the shows when you notice this (via the Library or via the Folders browser), and are you using only Infuse to manage the metadata or are you connected to a Plex or Emby or Jellyfin share?

Are the “embedded metadata” options off in both Infuse’s settings menu and when long-pressing on the series folder, and is “use online metadata” enabled? (Local metadata and artwork should take precedence over that found online, so leave this on.)

Here is an example of the files that it is happening with ( Star Trek)


This is what it SHOULD look like with my chosen folder and fanart:

But this is what it keeps reverting to:

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